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  • Summer Fitness Motivation

    How are you and how are you finding the heat and how are your classes?
    It’s that CRAZY week of schools breaking up, holidays looming, quiet class numbers, sports days, leaving junior schools which can all be so stressful for our clients etc.

    A real mix of energy.

    Can you feel it ?


    This week has been an incredibly challenging technological week, with all kinds of behind the scenes stuff going wrong… email marketing programmes, website issues and all kinds of monstrous problems that get your working late into the night and up super early.

    The joys of having a business!

    So, if you have received this newsletter twice or this is the first newsletter you have had from me for “yonks” or you unsubscribed and now you are seeing this
    I sincerely apologies.

    I’m hoping things will all be resolved today please bare with me
    On the PLUS side I’ve been working hard on KSFL Business Building and Planning days with new KSFL Franchisees Kim Jenkins from Coleshill, Michelle Waldron from Study and tomorrow Anne Little from Huddersfield and getting ready for the BrainFit Workout ™ workshop tour. I’m really excited about launching in Bristol in September and can’t wait to se you if you have booked onto one of the workshops.
    I’ll be on Facebook Live at 8 on the page My motivational chat this morning at 8 will be all about THE HEAT how to thrive and also about life events and the impact they have on your food choices, dealing with stressful situations……. This is something I think about a lot with my clients.
    When embarking on health and fitness journey, that is—being able to move, think, and live with more vitality, energy, and enjoyment, things don’t always go as planned. Stressful events occur, workouts end with an injury, sickness strikes, and things can get totally out of balance….Life happens and with the best intentions healthy eating/ exercising can go out of the window.

    This can apply to your health goals, fitness goals business and personal goals.
    During these times, it’s easy to feel like you’ve been knocked down, or the progress you’ve made has all been in vain. But, that’s not not true.
    Sometimes, when it feels like life is knocking you down, it’s just moving you to a better place a new place……. you are going through that rocky period before you get to a new “area” of your life
    Adversity is what allows us to learn, and become more in tune with the exact needs of our bodies and minds!

    When you get stuck seeing various situations as setbacks it can be limiting, and keep you stuck in that rut so you feel like your progress has stalled.

    You keep trying to do “what you once used to be able to do” instead of doing the new things your body and mind needs on this day, right here right now.

    You don’t move forward, because you keep looking backwards.

    Shifting your mindset is KEY.

    Its all about perspective.

    Giving yourself “permission” or allowing allow yourself to do
    what’s best for your body right now, this moment….

    TODAY lets not look back, lets try not to focus on where you think you “should” be

    Because the reality is—there’s no such thing as where you “should” be.

    There is only where you are right now……..

    The summer holidays are a great opportunity to break out of you normal timetable, have a new routine, try a different approach and live in the moment.

    Let me know what you think 🙂

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    Are Some Of Your Clients Draining Your Energy?

    Don’t you just love it when you get new class members and clients and you just click with them. Although they are paying you for your expertise you leave every session energised and happy, you have great conversation and this client is making leaps and bounds with their goals, fitness and results.

    Every session is so enjoyable and a joy to teach, you are on the same wave length and possibly over time these clients/class members even become your friends. I just love that when it happens but what about the clients and class members that seem to drain the marrow from your bones, in total contrast you leave every session feeling lifeless, empty and shattered. This client is not making progress, you seem to do all of the work, even simple conversation seems negative and stilted, you are watching the clock the whole time and even though you try your absolute best with new music, ideas, motivation and bags of enthusiasm, you cannot seem to move this client – there isn’t a click, and try as hard as you can you just can’t seem to force it.

    I think we have all have been there. I can guarantee that you will have some people in your client pool who are killing you. Maybe they don’t pay you on time, perhaps they are always late/leave early, just unresponsive, don’t take your advice and I bet you are hanging on because it’s good money and you don’t want to let go of a reliable paying customer especially in bumpy times, but you leave every session feeling drained and tired out.

    None of us want to spend time with people who suck our energy.

    It’s a no win situation – you are not happy and I doubt the client is that enthralled either, so how can we make sure we attract the “CLICKERS”, the folk we click with and every session is a joy as opposed to the “DRAINERS”

    You KNOW there is a certain group of people out there who you could get phenomenal results from, can change their life, can get them in amazing shape, which really is a win win.

    I reckon it comes back down to your client avatar and knowing totally and precisely exactly WHO you want to work with. If you want to work with go getters, action takers, positive thinkers and people that want to come and train with you or be coached by you then you have to make that clear. You have to put it out there, you don’t have to put it in you marketing or on Facebook, you just have to know exactly the characteristics of your ideal customer.

    Drill down exactly who you want to work with. Work out what the Top 10 attributes are that your IDEAL client needs to be…. I mean exactly to a T, make a list mentally or on your phone and visualise this ideal person, imagine working with them and training them, think about the jaw dropping results you can get for this client group. If someone wants to work with you they have to confirm to your attributes.

    Come up with a clear list and use this as a filter next time someone wants to work with you. Chat to them, find out their expectations and explain exactly what you expect.

    I’d love to hear what your Top 10 Client attributes are – please tweet me @RachelHolmes and let me know.

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