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  • Have You Thought About Offering Small Group Training

    Have you thought about offering Small Group Training especially over the Summer as class numbers may be up and down?

    Firstly identify who is your potential SGT customer then look at finding a niche, the program design, results and maintenance plans.

    In my opinion there are many untapped demographics and population groups that just haven’t been targeted effectively in the Health and Fitness market. With SGT you can carve out and dominate if you identify a current niche and choose wisely.

    The beauty of SGT is you only need between 4 – 7 people and once you have created, designed and written your programme the work is done and all you need to do is rinse and repeat.

    Have a look at your business model. You may teach Group X, Offer PT, You may even do Bootcamps so SGT sits somewhere in the middle. It will appeal to a different type of customer. How many times at the end of class does someone pop over to ask you about PT?

    How about leveraging your time much more efficiently and creating a cool SGT brand and format.

    You could begin to upsell SGT to your existing customers who are looking for a more personalised service and desire, quicker more measurable results.

    Here are My Essential Steps to SGT.

    1.Identify your target market – You need to look around you and listen to the news and current affairs. Only last week, 2 gold mine pieces of fitness news was being talked about on the national media. One was how the UK is the most sedentary nation and has the fastest growing obese population and the other group on the rise is new mums having their first baby between 40- 45. Two massive populations that are not being catered for. SGT for those with 4stone + to lose and SGT for 1st time Post Natal mums 40+ who may be struggling getting their pre baby figure back.

    2.Name, Brand and Create your product. In this day and age every programme you create needs to be branded and marketed professionally. Take the time to create how you brand will look and feel.

    3.Marketing – Run a guinea pig group first to get testimonials. Ask the trial group to all pay you by cheque and that they have to COMPLETELY follow your instructions and attend the sessions. If they do at the end then rip up their cheque in return for videos, testimonials and pictures that you can use when you kick the group off.
    Press – Create a social media strategy, update your website to take bookings, have an extensive FAQ section, flyers, posters, word of mouth create your marketing campaign.

    4.Build huge value into your product. Create an up-sell product funnel of DVDS, Books ,members only page on your website, home workouts.

    5.Choose a day and time to suit you and which appeals to your niche market.

    6.As you only have a small number per group finding a venue is much easier – you could do it at client’s home or you home. As we know, most of the large venues around the UK are taken but there are a multitude of small space meeting rooms, rooms above shops, if you ask around and look carefully.

    7.Value – You have to communicate in your marketing the true value of your SGT. Don’t sell SGT on time, sell the result, sell the benefits especially if you are a Group X Instructor and want to upsell SGT to your class members.

    8.They have to understand the benefits and results of SGT or they won’t understand WHY SGT is more expensive then attending a class.


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