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  • THRIVE ON FRIDAYS More uber cool positivity

    Nova_Day03_Track01_02_0004Growing your self esteem, feeling and thinking positive things about yourself at all times takes practice.

    Believing in yourself..I mean REALLY believing in yourself is KEY to
    your absolute success.



    This practice is riddled with ups and downs.

    Some days you wake up thinking you body is ‘banging and other days you cant even get dressed
    in front of the mirror.

    Other days you wake up feeling like a genius and smash
    through everything and others when you can barely write your own name.

    Often its when we have wandered away from our true desires – Maybe the sugar has crept back in?

    Maybe you chatted on the phone for 2 hours with a toxic friend, totally procrastinating and wasting time?

    Maybe you couldn’t be arsed to go for a run/ Pilates/Gym/Read……?

    The beauty of practising the art of raising your game AND your self esteem is that it doesn’t end.

    It’s never over.

    You have to choose to keep bringing yourself back to it.

    Getting back on the horse. Every day – Its so exciting!

    Today is a new day.  Today is a fresh start.

    Don’t let this moment escape…. maximise it.

    So, if this week you didn’t quite manage to take steps to start that new business or project.

    If you didn’t quite mange to find the time to do ……xyz

    Friday is the perfect day to crack on.

    I love FRIDAY. Its THE day I always get so much more creative stuff done…no pressure……….no rush….I always feel so much more freedom on a Friday, its my best day of the week by far.

    THRIVE ON FRIDAY is my moto.

    Move ahead today and you will be one more step closer to living the life of your dreams.

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    Please Tweet me and let me if my emails have helped you take action this week.
    I ALWAYS LOVE to hear from you on Twitter @RachelHolmes

    Love Always

    Rachel x

    Todays affirmation from May Cause Miracles by Gabby B is
    “I could see Peace instead of this”

    I have this on a post it right in front of me now!

    If you want total mental clarity, break your sugar addiction, get that banging body , get fitter, slimmer and leaner then join my new 14 day Online KSFL SHRED DEtox that starts on Monday. 14 new workouts.

    The groups are growing and growing and I do daily affirmations and positive audios every single day – which I LOVE…… these are just as important as the diet and workouts. The groups are getting better and better results with the daily affirmations and “Can Do Attitude” I LOVE IT

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