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  • Time for a Fitness Reflection

    My Fitness Reflection

    Valuable Lessons I learnt in 2011 and 2012 😉

    As I sit at my desk I feel like having a little reflect on what I’ve been doing for the last 12 months of 2011 and the last 2 months of 2012.

    Always good to do on a Monday afternoon with the week stretching ahead of you.

    I took some massive steps forward (and many back of course) in my business and here’s what really worked for me. I hope this post inspires you to tread some new ground to:-)

    Here are 6 valuable business lessons I learned

    Lesson 1: Multi-Leverage is key to getting big results from your time and energy.

    It’s taken me 20 years to delegate small tasks and focus on driving my business forward.

    In the past I have always said “YES” to everything…Extra classes, Extra presentations, Freebie class/masterclass/presentation in the hope it will lead to something else. I am positive you do the same

    So when my phone rings with an opportunity I consider these 2 steps

    a) If an opportunity, task or project arises, I ask myself if the likely results are going to be worth the likely time and energy… if not, it gets scrapped, or, added to my “some day” folder.

    b) If I decide to do it, I look for ways to get additional leverage…

    For example, if someone wants me to present at their event or speak at meeting etc, a great way to get extra leverage with no extra effort, is to ensure I can  film the event, and get permission to use the content. I’ve now got content for my site, social media and Blog or even a product that I may create in the future.

    If you are just getting one benefit from your time and energy, you may be missing out.

    Lesson 2: Fitness Online Coaching is a lot of fun, and provides massive value.

    I’ve began providing fitness business coaching and mentoring to Instructors last year and it was the best thing I have ever launched. I completely love it and I should of done it years ago. It fits well into my business mix.

    I’ve now cut down radically how many classes I teach locally  and able to spend more time working at home with my clients.

    Lesson 3: “Information is a one-way street”

    I got the above quote from Tim Ferriss (My hero)…  “You are either creating or consuming”… both are essentially saying that trying to multi task is a productivity killer… if you have a product to create, don’t be reading emails or answering comments on  Facebook… if you want to create a new training program or product or whatever, that is fine, just don’t try and build a website on the same day.

    I created 2 of my best online products this year.

    1) I switched off email, Facebook, my phone etc… I didn’t read a single blog post, or book, I watched no videos, and thought of no opportunities or ideas…

    2) I broke the project down into small, specific chunks… always focusing only on what the NEXT action item was.

    3) I outsourced the stuff I am rubbish at and hate and concentrated on the content creation .

    Then I got the project completed

    Again as Tim Ferriss says, a task will expand in size to fit the time allocated to it… if I had given myself 3 months, it would have taken 3 months.

    Lesson 4: Keep going on courses, have a mentor and Keep learning from the best in the business.

    Im constantly taking new online courses, reading more books and audio as I need constant stimulation and ideas. K eep learning from the best – pay for the best information that will help you get where you want..

    Lesson 5: The comfort zone is like a muscle.

    I strongly believe that very little in life or business is done from within a comfort zone…

    Think of your comfort zones as muscles, that if stretched, will grow and expand.

    Do things that stretch you and take you out of your comfort zone.

    Its uncomfortable but you got to do it.

    Lesson 6 Webinars will be the new Presenting Events:

    You need to create webinars for your current clients and to create online products that you can upsell on your website. I still see very few Fitpros harnessing the huge power of webinars and the possibilities are endless with webinar creation.

    2 months of 2012 has already passed by, and once again, we wonder where the time went… we ponder and dream for the year ahead, we lick our wounds, and tally up our achievements… we look to what can be done, and what could have been done better, we thank those who helped us on our journey, and give thanks to those who made us love, laugh and even cry.

    Lets not waste a single second. Create the life you want, push for the type of fitness business you want to own, go to the places you want to see and travel to, and lets stop wading about it minutia and lets crack on.

    To our journey!


    Love and Hugs Rachel xxx

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