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  • Tips to get more done & lose body fat


    Did you have a great weekend?

    Hands up if you have just written the longest
    “To-Do-List”in the universe, as its “Get Back On it Monday”




    Have you bounced out of bed & thought

    “Right….this week I’m going to….

    Eat clean, workout, do website, meditation, shopping, clean
    house, bills, insurance,choreography, music……..

    blah blah blah & on & on it goes


    Those tasks are MAMMOTH & totally overwhelming

    Its just ain’t going happen baby girl!

    NO ONE not even the most super organised person
    world is going to tick many of those of in one day.

    Well, try a little tip of using a VERB before each task
    to make it more actionable, this makes each task
    doable & you will tick them of so much quicker.

    Making you feel GREAT and accomplished
    & totally smug!

    You new todolist would look like:

    Prepare 3 clean meals for today
    Practice 5 minutes of meditation
    Perform a 10minute HIIT workout
    Order Shopping online
    Brainstorm 30minutes of choreography ideas
    Write 1 article/newsletter/blog post
    Call Insurance company

    Can you see how the whole thing looks so much more
    doable & achievable?

    Try it & let me know.

    If you are “Getting Back On It” eating & training wise
    then why not have a be kind to your body
    week of affirmations.

    Instead of looking in the mirror & going YUK
    then steaming of down negativity highway,
    beating yourself up & saying all kinds of crazy
    stuff to yourself, use a simple
    affirmation to change how you feel about your body.

    SOOOO simple

    “I am grateful for my body” Is from Gabby B

    Say it with a smile & turn a corner with how you
    feel & experience your body.

    Remember, if you are feeding yourself good clean
    food & nutrition. You NEED,  to feed yourself
    good, loving positive THOUGHTS as well.

    That’s just as important as what goes into you
    head as goes into your mouth!


    Love Rachel x
    I love to hear from you
    please tweet me @RachelHolmes

    If you are quick you can still start today & jump on my
    new 7 day KSFL OnlIne BOOTCAMP. Daily audios
    & affirmations, New KSFL Accelerator DEtox, Loads
    of daily workouts to choose from

    The Fitness Pilates Pre- Hab Tour is now almost sold out
    in many venues so you will need to be quick if you really need
    to grab a space. So many new developments, ideas
    & updates with Fitness Pilates

    My Make It Happen Seminar now only has 5 seats lefts – Are you in?

    Add your email for up to the minute info on KSFL diet & detox, Juicing,
    Fatloss tips, Home Workouts,
    Positive Self
    Love, Affirmations & Happy Lifestyle

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