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  • To Teach Is To Learn – Sunday Motivational


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    To Teach is To Learn

    For the last 3 days days I’ve been studying with Phil Richards on a nutrition & HIIT course.

    It’s been brilliant.

    I’ve got so many ideas & I’m feeling mega inspired.

    I couldn’t sleep last night just thinking about all the potential this new info holds.

    It’s Day 3 today & I’ll rushing back home to unleash new ideas & plans.

    It excites me SO MUCH to put this new knowledge into practice.

    By harnessing the power of Social Media & the Internet we can connect, help, teach, inspire, motivate & serve SO MANY more people with the very latest research & information.

    There is NO better & more fulfilling experience than teaching & sharing.

    Don’t you agree?

    It blows my mind just how MUCH more there is to go at in the fitness world.

    We have so many MORE people to help, inspire & lead happier healthier, fitter lives.

    I find it the most amazing opportunity for all of us.

    Teach what YOU LOVE.

    Share what you are PASSIONATE ABOUT.

    Going on a course is an AWESOME way to connect with your passion.

    But if you can’t get away:

    Download a new book
    Google some new ideas
    Research on You Tube
    Listen to a podcast or audiobook

    Just get those CREATIVITY juices flowing.

    Sometimes the going gets tough being a lone Fitness Instructor.

    But we are SO lucky & grateful to be doing something as wonderful as  fitness, health, nutrition & wellbeing for a living.

    I just am in LOVE with this quote by Yogi Bhajan

    “To learn something, read about it.
    To understand something, write about it.
    To MASTER something, teach it”

    Quote by Yogi Bhajan

    Spread Fitness Love & Miracles to all your clients, customers & students this week

    Have a Happy Sunday Team

    Love ya
    Rachel xxxxxxx


    Tweet me @RachelHolmes



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