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  • What do WOMEN Really want?Mondays Motivation from Rachel

    For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a happy life in the process – leave your email here

    The Womens Wellness Summit was groundbreaking.

    It was a game changer.

    For all Fit Pros & Women interested in
    Female health, wellness, fitness, training, nutrition,
    Pre/Post Natal Wellness, Fertility, Infertility,
    Menopause, Pelvic pain, Sex post baby, Periods
    there was outstanding, cutting edge

    Information we desperately NEED
    to serve our female
    clients  (AND Ourselves)

    to the best our abilities.


    For the women standing in front of us
    day in day out.

    Subjects that have NEVER been discussed or talked
    about at a “Fitness” event but topics so pertinent
    to the wellbeing of all women of all ages.

    Topics you chat about with your girlfriend, or Google  on the net for answers & help.

    RELEVANT and updated Pre & Post Natal Information
    RELEVANT info on Pelvic Pain
    USEABLE updates on SEX post baby
    PERTINENT information on abdominal separation
    UPDATED Fitness & Fertility guidelines & IDEAS
    LATEST Menopause & perimenopause information
    FUNCTIONAL Training methods for pre/post natal client

    As we develop & morph our roles from Instructor to Coach
    to Womens Wellness Specialists,
    becoming gatekeepers
    pointing our wonderful women
    to the right specialists, advising them on the
    complete holistic
    wellness package.

    To live happier, healthier lives in all aspects.

    It was a truly enlightening event full of


    Empowering & Valuable.

    Exciting times…

    I feel a new feminine fitness

    is gathering pace.


    Pioneering this movement & aligning
    the right forward thinking specialists with
    the fitness professionals is trailblazer
    Jenny Burrell.

    Jenny has linked THE top specialists
    creating a fascinating connection, enabling
    us to serve our women with the latest
    life changing.

    I’m so inspired by event, you will be seeing new
    a new KSFL® Wellness & Lifestyle Programme
    emerging & new additional modules so we can serve
    our female clients to the highest level.

    Today is all about FEELING.

    I left the conference FEELING
    these emotions & I want to share
    these with you this morning

    Acceptance. Optimistic. Brave. Expressive.
    Liberation. Abundant. Light. Love. Feminine.
    Focused.Thankful. Thrilled. Receptive.

    So, gang lets all rock out today with some
    serious clarity & achieve some great
    things this Monday.

    Our Affirmation today is

    “I feel liberated & free to design the life I want to lead”

    Rock on Sister!

    You KNOW How much I just love to hear from you Tweet me @RachelHolmes

    Happy Monday

    Rachel xxxx

    Add your email for up to the minute info on KSFL diet & detox, Juicing,
    Fatloss tips, Home Workouts,
    Positive Self
    Love, Affirmations & Happy Lifestyle

    You can jump on any of the KSFL® Online anytime programmes
    if you need to lose some serious inches. In last weeks 7 day Bootcamp
    we had some big loser.
    You don’t need to wait for a group you can begin at anytime

    Make it Happen Seminar – I’ll be taking the entire day and speaking on
    Positivity & Creating an Inner Rockstar, Create & Build Your Online Platform & Audience,
    How to Make More Money & Serve more people in Fitness

    Kick Start Fat Loss LIFESTYLE EVENT
    Saturday 7th June 2014 at the Thistle Hotel

    Speakers are:
    Phil Richards – The Latest Fat Loss Updates – AMAZING
    Jo De ROSA – Meditation & Manifestation for Beginners – UNMISSABLE
    Jenny Burrell – Its happening For YOU – Not To YOU LEARNING TO LIVE WITH and love UNCERTAINTY
    Kim Ingleby – Passion & focus IS mental strength for performance  including training for Triathlon, Run, Charity training – Totally INFORMATIVE
    Mairi Taylor – JUICING for Vitality, Health, Fatloss
    PLUS Talks & sessions with Rachel Holmes & Jayne Nicholls

    EARLY BIRD PRICE IS £97 + VAT usual  price is £127 + VAT

    This for everyone interested in Health, Fitness, Wellness, Positivity and Living the best possible LIFE

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