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  • Do Women Want To Think In A Fitness Class?

    Since I’ve been filming and posting my Step & Hilo Classes I’ve been having more and more messages from Fitpros who want to teach Step again in various gyms around the UK.
    Even my young 18 year old Fitpro friend Laura who teaches Group X to teenagers said to me
    “I want to learn how to teach Step, It’s so good, how to do I learn?”
    I have an old online Step course somewhere that Ill dig out and revamp
    and give it away for
    FREE in the hope that this restarts a bit of a movement. #RETROFITNESS


    The demographic for Step (for me ) is 40 – 60 year old females who WANT the brain challenge,

    want  their coordination tested AND

    want to leave the class feeling HAPPY

    and satisfied they have accomplished the routine.

    Most don’t want to be battered in a HIIT class anymore.



    My Step & HiLo classes are full of women that have

    LOVED step and aerobics

    in the past, they love the music, the vibe, the group spirit

    and that last 5 minute “put it all together” 



    The trend for “dumbing” down choreography and

    our class content has been

    intense for the last 10 years, we have all heard people say…



    “Members don’t want to think???” (which is ridiculous)


    “Members don’t want to learn choreography,

    new people can’t pick it up”

    “Members want to work out hard and get out”


    blah blah blah blah.



    Women DO WANT to think……


    Our members see the importance of coordination,


    something tricky,

    the mental agility it takes and feeling of accomplishment

    should not be underestimated.



    With depression, low mood and anxiety being so prevalent

    with the 40 – 60-year-old female crowd and antidepressants being prescribed

    daily to millions, a little bit of fun choreography has 


    on wellbeing – mental and physical.



    What do you think?



    Could you put on Retrofitness Step Class? 


    Drop me a message on Social Media

    I’d love to hear from you.



    In the Meantime


    Join the Free C2GO Facebook Group


    Sign up for my FREE 14 Day Body Blitz Programme


    I’m adding Free Choreography and Exercises every day on My Youtube Channel


    20 Crunchless Core Exercises


    20 Lower Body Non Impact No Equipment Exercises 


    There are 20 x Step Classes  and 21 x HiLo Classes on my Youtube so TONS of inspiration

    plus I add quick 1 minute videos on my Instagram.


    Hope that all helps

    Love Rachel xxxx



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    I have totally revamped the Kick Start Programme 

    click here to see how you could get involved 

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