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  • Instructor Newsletter 11 December 2014

    Ohhhhh No Katie!

    When Alan Sugar fired her last night on the Apprentice my top lip was quivering.

    “Don’t fire her Lord Sugar, she streets ahead of the others”
    but sadly












    Katie left the show last night after being fantastic.

    Lord Sugar clearly didn’t see what a cracking idea a healthy restaurant would be.

    But I am sure that won’t stop Katie Bulmer-Cooke, & knowing her as I do  she is probably rolling it out as we speak.

    It’s been great viewing & I am sure I speak for everyone in the fitness industry to say how proud we all are of you , Katie!


    It’s day 11 for me giving up coffee & being in #coffeerehab and reading Jo De Rosas article today I hope you will be inspired to only do things that are good for you.

    This is THE acceptable time of year to NOT  do things that are healthy for you, like over eating & drinking but Jo’s article really puts things into perspective.

    It never really makes us happy when we make unhealthy choices in the long term, so let us know if you agree Tweet me @RachelHolmes


    Also a HUGE Big up and MASSIVE respect to my old friend Sarah-Jane Walls.

    You may remember Glasgow based SJ who has written for this newsletter many times over the last 15 years.

    She has been a trailblazer in the Scottish fitness scene for 2 decades ( I think!) AND she is now getting into politics and standing for Parliament as an SNP Candidate.


    She still runs 2 enormously successful Yoga & Pilates Studios in Glasgow and is taking on Westminster, to
    make some serious changes.

    How totally fantastic.

    MASSIVE Respect SJ – Check out Sarah-Jane Walls On Facebook and the Yoga & Pilates in Glasgow.


    Hot Fitness Pilates rocked last weekend on our first course.

    The potential for hot classes is immense.

    I am so excited about the 2015 & rolling out more courses
    & the effect exercising in the heat can have for so many of our class members. Check out Kelly’s article below

    We are looking for studios all over the world to hold our HOT FITNESS PILATES courses so if you own one or have connections get in touch as soon as possible.


    DVD”s for £5.00 I’ve got to clear out my
    garage to make way for new stock
    so I have 3 titles all for £5
    Click here to grab the last few available

    My KSFL Franchisee Journey…so far by Sindy Matthews


    If you are sat reading this wondering whether to join Rachel Holmes as a KSFL Franchisee then I would advise you to stop thinking and ‘JUST DO IT’!!!

    I waited 10+years and now I realise I should have left my safety net and just gone for it!!

    In 2007 Rachel approached 1000 instructors to embark on a trial detox called the Kick Start Fat Loss Programme (I believe it was called back then). If you have been following Rachel for as long as I have you will remember the Newsletter she sent about this.

    Well, I was getting married in 2008 and wanted to look my best (naturally). You guessed it I signed up and I looked and felt the best for my big day. Even my hubby and parents followed the plan. Please note I used to weigh in at 12.7 stone and I’m only 5 ft tall. Enough said, I was carrying a lot of weight (hence making fitness and well being my life) sound familiar???


    After KSFL our special day….

    Since taking part in the programme, all I could think about was how I wanted to deliver this to the members of public and help people appreciate good homemade grub and appreciate the taste and real food once again. To feel as awesome as I did and still do!!

    Then in 2012 I broke my ankle. Devastated that I couldn’t teach I was looking for something to get my teeth into. I was sick of my full time job as a Procurement Specialist and all I could think about everyday was leaving to teach fitness full time. But, leaving my £30k + bonus job was a massive risk.

    Whilst I was stewing away, going nuts that I couldn’t do any cardio…I read an email from Ms Holmes. Would I like to become a KSFL Franchisee??? OMG YES!!!! This was it!!! BUT…what about my well paid job?

    A few weeks later…I received an email from my boss explaining that redundancies where going to take place. My role wasn’t redundant…gutted!! BUT!!! I asked if I could apply for voluntary redundancy and it was finally accepted.

    Here I am today, writing about my journey. My advice is go for it. I launched my KSFL Club Sept 2013 whilst I was still working full time. A year on and I have a successful business, clients that have had amazing & Life changing results, been in the local newspapers, The Daily Mail and now I am looking for a venue where I can run my own Fitness Classes because I am so busy!!!

    I have a few goals….

    If you have passion for helping people achieve their goals, you are determined then don’t stay in a job just because it feels safe! I know now that this was calling me everyday. It’s all I could think about and now…I’m living the DREAM BABY!!

    Want to be part of something honest, worthwhile and that isn’t just about making money? You’ll help so many people and believe me that’s enough. Money helps. I know you have to pay bills. You may need to make some sacrifices, but if you truly want to succeed, GO FOR IT!

    Contact Sindy on Facebook Twitter and Instagram


    DEMAND A High Vibe Life
    By Jo De Rosa


    I’m currently conducting a little experiment.
    You know that feeling of inner contentment that rushes through your whole being when you do something that is really good for you: like drink enough water throughout the day; resist the crappy party food and only eat salad; or not drink alcohol on a night out and be the only one the next morning to not feel like the worlds about to end.

    That. You know the feeling right?

    Well I decided last week that I quite like feeling good about myself. After all I have spent most of my adult life with a hangover and wondering why the hell I did what I did the previous night.
    Now sober, it’s great being more conscious about how I act, what I say, and think.

    So now I feel it’s time to take it one step further.

    For the past week -and I have no idea how long I’m doing this for by the way but hey lets just see what happens!- I am ONLY doing things that are good for me.
    ONLY eating foods that nourish me
    ONLY drinking liquids that cleanse me
    ONLY saying words that support me and others
    ONLY thinking positive, uplifting, inspiring thoughts
    ONLY doing what drives me forwards rather than staying stuck/moving backwards.

    So my day starts with my own practice, and if I have a super early appointment then I either get up earlier or do my practice later, BUT I DO NOT MISS IT OUT.

    I am only eating nourishing organic produce, tons of high quality supplements, my favourite herbal teas and of course glass after glass of filtered water.
    Ingesting ONLY high vibrational foods.

    So why don’t we behave like this naturally?
    Why don’t we automatically look after ourselves to the best of our ability?
    Why do we eat crisps, sweets, stodge and fast food?
    Suddenly I am seeing things with new eyes, and it’s bonkers!
    Why have I accepted what I have always done and thought it was enough? Because it’s not!

    I’ve long called ‘naughty’ food a ‘cheat’ meal, because I know I am cheating my body and mind by eating it. We all know that alcohol is a toxin but I drank myself to a near early grave. Why? I’m intelligent, I know the dangers, yet still I have been doing this my whole life.

    Not now, however. It’s time to choose a higher vibrational way of living, and so far so good!!

    Coming home.
    This is what it feels like to me.
    Living like this is coming back to my natural state.

    Think about babies being born into this world in their natural state, with their soft skin and pliable minds. Then as they get older society places layers of conditioning on them, guiding them a certain way so that they fit in with everyone else. School, parents, friends, government, employers: all playing their part in how this individual turns out.

    For me I woke up nearly 20 years ago and started a journey to find out WHO I WAS underneath the layers that had been placed upon me. Slowly I have been emerging, little by little becoming MORE ME, and less what society wants/expects me to be.

    Society –and us- create a tough shell of expectations, standards, judgments and responsibilities around us. It is hard to penetrate through to our soft underbelly, but this is the place that our intrinsic self resides and where, if we choose to, we can find answers to all of the questions we’ve ever asked.

    I’ve been seeing life through societies filters, no wonder things feel a little different now!

    If you think about the lotus flower, it has to push it’s way through mud to find the surface and become it’s full potential. Not surprising then that this gorgeous flower is a symbol of enlightenment in Eastern traditions.


    And this is GREAT news for us!! It literally does not matter where you are now!! We ALL have the potential for greatness!!

    Life changed for me just over two years ago on Sunday 14th October 2012: when I had my last drink. I’d given up cigarettes, cocaine and partying a number of years before that, but alcohol was the first substance of choice of mine that was so socially acceptable. Suddenly I was refraining from doing something that EVERYONE else still did.
    I had to go against society.
    But I knew it was the right thing to do for me. To find the real me locked away inside. And now I NEVER have the urge to drink alcohol, in fact the thought repels me!

    Then was sugar’s turn.
    I haven’t touched the stuff for nearly one year: last Christmas was the final time I ate ‘normal’ chocolate.
    And do you know what? I literally couldn’t bring myself to eat it now!
    I make raw chocolate from ceremonial grade cacao that we import from Guatemala, and it tastes delicious.

    It’s a total no-brainer!

    And as I peel away the many layers of my life-onion, I like what I find underneath more and more. I have increased energy for life, and extra motivation to do the best I possibly can.

    I like that feeling.
    I like me.
    I feel amazing and ALIVE.

    So close your eyes right now and take yourself to a place when you were good to yourself. Perhaps it was yesterday or this morning, or maybe you have to think back a little further….
    Remember how good it felt to nourish and respect yourself. How your body and mind responded to this act of self-love whether it was exercising your body, eating high vibe foods, or taking a rest when your whole system was crying out for it.
    We may have felt self-righteous, pleased with ourselves, or even judged others for the choices they were making in that moment….but try to remember how it felt.
    Can you taste it? And do you want more now?

    Why don’t you join me in the quest for feeling good? Why don’t we all DEMAND a high vibe life!
    Let me know how you get on, and you can find me through the contact details below. Have a great week! x

    Facebook:  InnerGuidanceRetreatCentre
    Twitter:  @Inner_Guidance
    Copyright: Jo De Rosa 2014
    Last weekend was steaming HOT here at C2GO!!!


    Kelly Reed-Banks Hot Fitness Pilates


    So if you follow either myself, Rachel or Fitness Pilates on social media you would of seen that we launched our very first HOT Fitness Pilates certification course last Friday & Saturday at the beautiful Go To Hot Yoga Studio in Nottingham.

    This was a particular biggie for me as I’ve been researching for this qualification for the last few months and Rachel has really put her trust in me to write and deliver this first ever certified HOT Pilates course and I was really going in blind as there are no other training providers in the UK doing this so it was a really big mile stone for Fitness Pilates to take this on.

    We had a very exclusive group of 10 Pilates instructors from all over the UK on this first course. It was lovely because most of them had either trained with myself or Rachel through Fitness Pilates or level 3 Pilates and only having 10 of them on the course made it a real personal two days.

    I was quite surprised to learn that only a couple of them had actually done HOT classes before so we needed to make sure that they acclimatised first in the heat before we started to work in it.

    The benefits of working in the heat were just unmissable as soon as we started. Everyone felt so much stronger, they had better balance, some of the instructors said they felt they could perform much more advanced moves in the heat that they wouldn’t have normally been able to in a normal studio.

    One of our lovely ladies who had 3 prolapsed discs last year has struggled to be able to perform a lot of Pilates exercises over the last year said that for the first year she could really feel herself working, she felt amazing and coped with all the exercises no problem.

    I love working in the heat and dreaded going back into a normal studio and hall this week. In HOT Fitness Pilates we use Far Infrared Rays within the heaters which just felt amazing especially as it was -4 outside on Saturday!

    Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are part of the sun’s invisible spectrum. FIR radiant heat is a form of thermal energy. This is the warmth you feel penetrate your skin when you are outside in the sun. FIR light should not be confused with ultraviolet light which causes sunburn and damage to your skin. Far infrared rays do not cause sunburn or skin damage. Far infrared rays are waves of energy, totally invisible to the naked eye, capable of penetrating deep into the human body (approx 4cm), where they gently elevate the body’s surface temperature and activate major bodily functions. The benefits of working in FIR are vast and range from breaking down cellulite to repairing damaged muscle tissue so you can see why as soon as we started working in the heat everyone just feel in love with it and couldn’t wait for day 2!!

    It was such a lovely two days, everyone was buzzin to start teaching but felt totally relaxed and chilled out, not like the normal stress that comes with doing a course let alone a theory & practical exam within it. Everyone said how good their skin felt, how good their bodies felt as well saying for the first time in a long time they felt totally relaxed!!!

    The way it detoxes the body is unreal, Not only did we drink at least 4 litres of water during day 1 but we were really aware of toxins leaving the body over the two days. When booking the course you might want to start to eliminate caffeine & sugar a couple of days prior so you maximise this detoxification process.

    I can’t wait to hear how their classes are going in 2015, they are just going to reap the benefits of working in the heat especially in the cold winter months of January and February.

    Due to the success of the launch we have booked the first course in already for 13th & 14th Feb back at Go To Hot Yoga in Nottingham and I am in contact with many other HOT studio’s about booking courses into their venues for the new year.
    So if this is something that you would like to do please get yourself booked on the course in Feb as again we will only take 10 on this venue. You need to either already hold or be working towards your level 3 Pilates qualification and we recommend that you attend a few HOT Yoga classes first to get yourself use to exercising in the heat.

    Or you may have a contact of some one who owns or runs and HOT studio and you might want us to come to you to deliver the course. We are looking for HOT studios all over the UK to hire to run courses in 2015. We will need it to be available for at least 6 hours a day for the 2 days on either a Friday/ Saturday or over the weekend.

    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the HOT Fitness Pilates course or if you’d like us to use your studio as a venue –

    So lets turn up the heat this new year and join the revolution!!!
    Much Love Kelly RB XXX

    7 Deadly Taxes & Other Taxes Disguised As ‘Other Items’
    By Andrew Crawford

    Lip smacking, thirst quenching, ace tasting, motivating, good buzzing, cooltalking, high walking, fast living, ever giving, cool fizzing, Pepsi….

    If you remembered the above, you’re around my age…!!!

    This is when adverts were really rocking..!!!

    What about this..?

    Betty Boughter bought some butter?But she said the butter’s bitter?If I put it in my batter?It will make my batter bitter?But a bit of better butter will make it better than the bitter butter?So she bought a bit of better butter?And put it in her batter?And her batter was not bitter?So t’was Betty Boughter bought a bit if better butter and put it in her?batter and her batter was not bitter.

    Ha ha ha….
    I bet you tried it….. one more one more……tee hee…

    The sixth sick sheikh’s sixth sheep’s sick

    Now Andrew….what the….??

    What has the sixth sick whatever his name was or lip smacking Betty got to do with Accountancy and Tax??

    Taxing ….wasn’t it…..??

    Simple, taxing but in the end… got it..!! Right?

    Just like what you’re gonna get when the results of the budget takes effect.

    There are 7 deadly taxes, as I call them …but really there are more but they are disguised……!!

    I just wanted to give you a quick summary of some of the changes.

    Personal Tax

    The Personal allowance to rise to £10,600. Nothing to write home about.

    Higher rate income tax threshold to rise to £42,385 next year.

    Charge for non-dom tax status to rise to £60,000 a year for those resident for 12 of the last 14 years and £90,000 for those in the country for 17 of 20 years.

    National Insurance Tax……opps ..I mean Contributions….!!!
    Contributions…Because that’s what they call it to soften the blow but it is one of my 7 deadly taxes.

    From 6 April 2015 liability to pay Class 2 NIC will arise at the end of each year (just like Class 4). Currently a  liability to Class 2 NIC arises on a weekly basis.

    National Insurance on young apprentices abolished

    Stamp Duty Land Tax……’Stamp Duty’ to the layman

    This is where they focused the changes……

    0 per cent for first £125,000, then 2 per cent on the portion up to £250,000, then 5 per cent up to £925,000, then 10 per cent up to £1.5million, and 12 per cent on anything above that.

    Changes to come into effect at midnight tonight – Thursday 4 December.

    Calculate your stamp duty here…

    Inheritance Tax

    I talked about this the other week so I wanted to see if they were gonna make any changes to the nil rate band. No Siree…!!

    Inheritance tax to be cut for families of aid workers who die dealing with humanitarian emergencies, in other words, in the course of their work

    55% death tax passed on to loved ones abolished….Good..!!

    Capital Gains Tax
    Left alone…bringing in enough dosh for the Govt…..oopps…for the benefit of the nation.

    Corporation Tax
    Not really touched.

    Value Added Tax
    I mentioned this one last week. If you supply any digital services and have customers abroad, even if it is as low as £1….you must be registered for VAT.
    (I said I will write a quick article on this…I will).

    Travel Tax
    Fuel duty was kept frozen.  Just like the weather is turning now. It goes up anyway. A little at a time throughout the and see….!!

    Remember when it was just about to break the £1 barrier?? …EXACTLY..!!

    Air passenger duty (Travel Tax) for children under 12 abolished in May 2015 and for under 16s in 2016.

    Ain’t it funny that ‘Kids’ pay ‘Adult’ fares when they reach 13…!!

    Pensions & Savings
    People who die under 75 to be enabled to pass on annuities tax free.

    Limit on saving in New ISAs to rise to £15,240 and ISAs to be inherited tax free.

    Oh….and apparently there is £10,000 loans for postgraduate students studying for masters degrees.

    Pay attention……..(Check out these……New POWERS….!!!)

    Direct Recovery of Debts (DRD)

    I mention this to you back in August some time…. Well…

    The Chancellor announced HMRC would be given the power to recover tax and tax credit debts directly from your bank and building society accounts (including NISAs).

    A consultation on DRD set out the process and safeguards but many commentators considered the safeguards were not robust enough. In response to concerns about the risk of DRD being used in error and the potential impact on vulnerable individuals, the government will introduce further safeguards.

    It is now proposed the main features of the DRD process will be:

    only debts of £1,000 or more will be eligible for recovery through DRD

    I’ve worked this out for you in terms of profit.

    If you have a profit (after taking your personal allowance) of about  £2,950 in any one year…you will be caught under this regime.

    What does that mean in simple terms??  Go on…..Tell us Andrew…

    They are after the SMALL businessman….Sole-traders…!!

    HMRC will always leave £5,000 across a debtor’s accounts, as a minimum, once the debt has been held

    guaranteeing every debtor will receive a face-to-face visit from HMRC agents, before their debts are considered for recovery through DRD

    extending the window to 30 calendar days, from the start of the DRD being initiated to the earliest point at which funds could be transferred to HMRC

    an option for debtors to appeal against HMRC’s decision to a County Court on specified grounds, including hardship and third party right.

    Scotland will be removed from the scope of DRD as HMRC already has summary warrant powers in Scotland to recover debts in a similar, though not identical, manner to DRD.

    If you are interested in some more details about the Autumn Statement you can find it here…

    Tax Evasion

    There will be a Clampdown on ‘ aggressive tax avoidance’…ggggrrr. I found that funny because by it’s very nature, Tax Avoidance is LEGAL….whatever spin, verb, adjective you wish to put on it.

    Remember these??…repugnant tax avoidance, disgusting tax avoidance, dam right clever tax avoidance,

    “…Plan published for a further £10billion of efficiencies in Whitehall, and Chancellor commits to raising at least £5billion by cracking down on tax avoidance and evasion….”

    Let’s start with MP’s FIRST….Hands up if you are operating any such schemes?…….I’ll wait…!!


    I religiously watch this one programme each week (with my cute little North East colleague) Katie Bulmer-Cooke.

    She’s not a stiff in a suit..!!

    Mind you……Last week was the first time I’ve ever heard her get angry…thi week…..a sad exit for our Northern beauty. She has done the Fitness Industry and herself very proud. Only good can come of this now.

    Oh….I was in that cab with her…..tears running down my check

    Now if there’s a smile on my face, It’s only there trying to fool the public…oppps …wrong article…
    It’s getting Deadly Taxing in that house..!!

    Andrew James Crawford


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