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  • End of March Choreographytogo Instructor Training Sale


    sale finishes midnight Sunday 2nd April 2023






    FITNESS PILATES MEN On Mats Workshop

    With Kelly and Jason

    21/2 Hour Workshop 


    Would you like to attract more Men into your Fitness Pilates Class or set up a Men ONLY Fitness Pilates Class 

    Join Kelly and Jason for this informative workshop if you want to attract more men into your classes or set up a new Fitness Pilates Men On Mats Class 

    *How to structure a Fitness Pilates Class for men

    *Understanding how to modify exercise to be more suitable for men.

    *Planning and marketing your FP MOM class.

    Key exercises covered in the workshop.

    • Standing mobility for feet with spiky balls.
    • Standing mobility for neck, shoulders, spine, hips, working in all range of motion that the joint will allow.
    • Dynamic mobility / Stretches for chest, back, hips.
    • Variations for calf stretch standing.
    • Movement tests to check for limited internal and external rotation of hip and then what moves you can focus on if there is evidence of restrictions.
    • Back strengthening variations with bands and weights to avoid laying prone.
    • Kneeling shoulder stability moves with bands – for strengthening rotator cuff.
    • Thread like a needle variations.
    • Clam – variations and progressions.
    • Seated Core variations with weights & mini ball.
    • Supine core variations with weights
    • Shoulder bridge variations with activation band, shoulder & lats release work.
    • Seated stretches using bands.
    • Back release variations.
    • Primal Hip stretches and functional work.




    Would you like to attract more Men into your Fitness Pilates Class or set up a Men ONLY Fitness Pilates Class 


    Advanced Fitness Pilates for Back Care

    Reduced from £165.00  to £87.00

    Join Kelly and Rachel in this highly informative online course with a certificate of attendance.



    • Detailed postural analysis and how to do this face to face and online.
    • Understanding general postural types.
    • Non-specific back pain and looking at common back problems.
    • How to incorporate Spiky Balls,Mini Balls and Foam rollers into your FP Back Care programme.
    • How to put a 4 and 8 week an online Fitness Pilates For Better Backs Programme together.
    • How to market, promote and run your Fitness Pilates Back Care Online Programmes.

    This workshop gives you the knowledge and tools

    A highly practical and useful online certification designed for Fitness Pilates teachers wanting to update their knowledge on nonspecific back pain and the safest exercises to prescribe.

    Supporters get a further £20 off the SALE PRICE

    Fitness Pilates Mindful, Breathing & Relaxation COURSE

    With Kelly Reed and Rachel Holmes 

    Learn to teach a Fitness Pilates relaxation class. Relaxation, mindful and restorative classes are in high demand, many Fitness Pilates teachers incorporate relaxation and breathing into classes and this takes the concept further with a modern and unique twist.

    Pre- Requisite: Fitness Pilates or Pilates Certified Instructor.

     This Online Workshop Consists Of:

    *Explore the concept of mindfulness and how to incorporate into a group exercise and Fitness Pilates classes.
    *Why we use the terminology Mindful and Relaxation.
    * How To Create a 30/45-minute Fitness Pilates Relaxation Class.
    *Basic Breathing workshop and videos For Beginners with Kelly Reed.
    *Body Scan Workshop with Kelly Reed.
    *Positive Affirmations With Kelly.
    *Practical Workshop with kelly
    *Business ideas and social media mini-training on how to network with corporate, health promotion days and local business using Linkedin and local business groups.
    *Tips On Record audios and create online Fitness Pilates Relaxation products to offer to classes.
    *Fitness Pilates Stress Reduction Workout Ideas.
    *30-minute Mindful Movement Masterclass.
    *Guided meditations with Kelly Reed.

    Get £100 OFF only pay £57 for this course

    Code: BREATHE


    The full Years Business Training with me for £330 

    Get a FULL Month FREE 

    Get access to all this Training Now 

    👉Fitness Business Academy 

    👉 💰This is for YOU if you want  to STEP UP & INCREASE REVENUE in a Fitness Business and go deeper with strategy and systems plus weekly motivation

    In the FB we focus on increasing your revenue and improving the core pillars of your Fitness Business:


    New customer Aquisition – Creating a system to bring in new customers and clients.

    Website – Google, SEO, Blogging, Google Products to improve  ranking and search

    Email marketing – List building and email marketing.

    Social Media – Growth, Systems, Strategies, content creation and audience building, social media marketing.


    Course creation and building passive income streams.

    Tech and streaming.

    New fitness trends.

    As a FBA member you get 


    2  x FBA LIVE Business Training with me every Monday or Tuesday and Wednesday 130 ( always recorded if you can’t make the live) *Exclusive WHATS APP group for FBA members which is small and personal, for Q & A’s, goal setting, accountability and motivation.* Access to the new FBA Club Membership site – A library of content you can refer back to over and over again which includes:

    And start with these amazing business training webinars 

    Get access to these 13  x  1 hour Training Webinars

    *How To Create A Membership site 

    *Planning, Social Media and ChatGPT

    *How To Automate Your Lead Generation,Sales & Marketing

    Goal Setting and Time Management 

    *Fitness Business Strategy

    *How To Build Your Sales and Marketing 



    Kickstartfatloss Sale


    ***END OF MONTH SALE*******

    Are you looking for ideas to run a Women’s Wellbeing, Weightloss and Workout Course Online after Easter?

    Check out my ELEVATE PROGRAMMES  

    Elevate are 12 week programmes split into 3 x 4 week programme that you can teach individually or as 8 or 12 weeks programme.

    Elevate 12 Week Women’s Health, Nutrition & Fitness Programme

    £147.00 £37.00

    Elevate 1

    12 Week High Performance Online Weightloss, Wellness & Mindset Coaching with Rachel Holmes

    Elevate 1 Contains Programmes ;

    Month 1 Reset and Refocus.

    Month 2 Lift Lean Super

    Month 3 Supercharge Body Reset.

    PLUS 15 BONUS BEGINNER HOME WORKOUTS & Fitness Pilates Workouts 

    Intro Videos Include

    • What To Eat
    • Explanation Of Various Nutrition Protocols.
    • Importance Of Sleep
    • What To Expect In Elevate.
    • What Happens If You Go Off Track.

    Daily Nutrition Video and Daily Workouts 


    ELEVATE 2 Fast Track, Lift Lean & Supercharge High Performance Weight Loss and Wellness

    Elevate 2 has 3  x Monthly Themes

     Month 1 Is FAST TRACK

    Month 2 is LIFT LEAN UPDATES

    Month 3 is SUPERCHARGER

    Daily NutritionVideo

    Daily Workout

    PLUS 15 BONUS BEGINNER HOME WORKOUTS & Fitness Pilates Workouts 

    You can create your own workouts and nutrition based on my templates.

    Working On Your Goals every day.

    Excel in ALL areas of your life – Improve your health – energy – vitality – productivity – body – sleep – emotional health, physical health, intellectual health.  ELEVATE your Mind and Body.

    This course was £147 originally grab it now for only £37 




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