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  • How to Be a Better Leader – To Teach Is To Learn Sunday Motivation from Rachel

    For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a happy life in the process – leave your email here












    To Teach is to Learn

    Yesterday I spent the day with 50 Fitpros
    teaching marketing techniques, leadership.
    social media strategies,building digital platforms
    & fitness business innovation on my Make It Happen Seminar Day.

    I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about
    the positivity & excitement in the room.

    Everyone rushing back home to unleash their
    ideas & plans.

    It excites me SO MUCH that by harnessing
    the power of Social Media & the internet
    we can connect, help, teach, inspire,
    motivate & serve SO MANY more people.

    There is NO better & more fulfilling experience
    than teaching & sharing.

    Don’t you agree?

    There is just so MUCH to go at in the fitness

    We have so many MORE people to help, lead happier
    healthier, fitter lives, I find it the most amazing
    opportunity for all of us.

    Teach what YOU LOVE.

    Share what you are PASSIONATE ABOUT.

    Sometimes the going gets tough
    being a lone Fitness Instructor.

    But we are SO damn lucky & grateful to be doing
    something so wonderful as  fitness, health,
    nutrition & wellbeing.

    I just am in LOVE with this quote
    by Yogi Bhajan

    Miracle Message #107

    “To learn something, read about it.
    To understand something, write about it.
    To MASTER something, teach it”

    Quote by Yogi Bhajan
    Spread Fitness Love & Miracles to all your
    clients, customers & students this week!

    Have a Happy Sunday Team

    Love ya


    Tweet me @RachelHolmes


    The next LIVE event is the Kick Start Fat Loss
    Nutrition & Wellness Day featuring one of the UK’s
    leading fatloss expert Phil Richards.

    Also sharing the stage will be Jenny Burrell, Kim Ingleby
    Jo De Rosa, Jayne Nicholls & Juicing Goddess
    Mairi Taylor will be mixing up Juice shots for us
    & sharing her juicing expertise.

    I will be leading a new Positive Fitness Pilates
    session & techniques on incorporating
    affirmations into your FP classes.

    Saturday 7th June  Donnington Thistle Hotel
    East Midlands Airport



    For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a happy life in the process – leave your email here

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