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  • Instructor Newsletter 11 September 2014




    The C2GO Newsletter is out NOW (1)

    I have 3 wonderful articles this week for you by 3 wonderful women (and Andrew).
    Lisa Cuerden has been on a life changing
    Yoga course in California and Helen Carpenter -Waters
    is on a mission to help Fitness Instructors create choreography and teaching skills and  Yvonne Radley is helping Fitpros get more media savvy.

    It’s been a particularly exciting week for Kick Start Fat Loss this week as we have been featured in the Daily Mirror. Our life changing transformations are being featured in a ton more magazine articles and media coming up which is fab. I have more franchisees coming on board and a new Instructor Training package coming up for 2015. Even more exciting is that we have several leisure centres & leisure trusts who will be running KSFL Live clubs in their centres, plus another NHS trust coming on board.

    I’m really looking forward to getting back on the road again with Kelly for the KS EXTREME tour.  We start in Southampton on 5th October then hit Edinburgh, Derby, Birmingham & London.
    click here to book

    My ‘Life Changing’ Experience in Los Angeles, by Lisa Cuerden, Part 1


    The last time I wrote an article for C2go was just under a year ago in October 2013. I based this article around the risks of overtraining, using my own experience to try and advise/help others. This time I want to tell you all about my very recent experience of spending a month in LA, and the effect that this has had on the way I want to live my life. I once again feel other fitpros can benefit from my experience and advice, which is why I wanted to share this with you.

    Due to 2013 being a turbulent year for me health wise, I made the decision that I wanted to do something different in 2014. The path I eventually chose to take was a yoga course in Los Angeles for the month of August. Signing up for this I had no idea what I would get out of it. I’ve always loved yoga and have taught fitness based yoga for about 5 years. The yoga course I chose to do qualified  me to teach ashtanga/vinyasa/power/dynamic yoga as well as teaching me about meditation and the spiritual side of yoga.

    The reasons I’ve practiced and taught yoga in the past were all based around the physical benefits – improved flexibility, strength and core. I’d not looked into the spiritual side. I suppose it was my own ignorance and disinterest that prevented me. I thought it was all a bit out there – how wrong I was!

    Doing the course in LA, away from people that knew who I was, what I did, and the kind of person I am was so refreshing – no preconceived expectations. I could completely and utterly be myself 100%. This helped me to relax, learn, struggle, and be kind to myself.

    I was surrounded by mainly yogis, all incredibly slim (not much muscle mass). Their exercise regime was mainly yoga with maybe a little hiking. A lot of them were on vegan diets and part-time actors/dancers/singers… very different from me! I love to lift weights, my body’s made up of a considerable amount of muscle mass, and I LOVE to eat meat and fish.

    From day 1 the size of my quads, back, shoulders and butt prevented me from getting into so many of the postures!  We mainly did ashtanga yoga at least 5 days a week. The day would start with 30 minutes meditation, followed by 90 minutes of ashtanga yoga practice. This was the toughest yoga I’ve ever done in my life and I’ve done a lot of different types, including hot yoga, bikram, dynamic yoga etc. In fact, this was probably the hardest month physically I’ve put my body through! BU, by the end of the month I was getting my body into postures I really didn’t think I’d ever achieve. I had to take a step back and listen to my body, allow it to do what it wanted to do, rather than just forcing it into postures which is my mindset. If you  can’t do something you push and push till you get there….this is not the way you do yoga! However, it took me a good couple of weeks to realise this and a good few injuries, but once I began to l isten and be kind to myself, my body began to change. My muscles stretched, my mind relaxed and I learnt to love and appreciate my body, as well as enjoy the benefits yoga had on my mind and soul.

    Although yoga is a physical activity the primary goal is to gain balance and control in your life, to free yourself from confusion and distress, and to provide a sense of calm.

    I am at the beginning of my journey to achieving this. For years and years I have put my body through tough workouts 5-6 times a week, as well as the regular classes I teach, to achieve what? Results? But all these results are short-term. The key is to train to get fit for life, and to eat the right foods to be healthy for life.

    Easing off my own training and teaching whilst in LA made me realise what I’d done to my body. Everything was out of line, my hips especially. I knew they were always tight but all the classes, weight training, powerlifting etc had really affected my body in a negative way.

    I saw the most incredible chiropractor whilst there a place called chiropractors tyler tx, and thank god I did! He showed me exactly what I’d done to myself and if I continued to carry on training and teaching the way I have been what a mess I’m going to be in years to come. It’s all very well looking after your own clients, making sure they are training correctly, getting the right balance when it comes to the variety of exercises etc, but who is looking at you? As fitpros, we work through injuries, niggles etc because we have to, it’s our income. Please take a step back if you are getting pain/niggles/injuries…. your body needs to be assessed, your training/teaching needs to change. Are you looking to run your fitness business for life or just short-term?

    In next  week’s newsletter I am going to discuss the HUGE change the spiritual side of yoga has made to my life. Don’t be ignorant like me, open your mind, have a read and you could regain the control, sense of calmness and love for yourself that I am on the journey to achieving.

    I’d love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to connect with me via:

    Facebook: Lisa Cuerden
    Twitter: @lisacuerden
    Instagram: lisajcuerden

    Helen Carpenter-Waters
    Director of DYBO Academy

    Passing On The Baton, Part 1


    I feel very lucky to have started my journey in teaching when I did. After my competitive gymnastic career and whilst working as a professional dancer, I was given the opportunity to train at a local college (Farnborough College of Technology, one of the first in the UK to offer the ETM courses) and gain my qualifications in teaching ETM and Gym based fitness.  I went on to be become a lecturer/examiner and course director at the college.

    We learned how to create and teach fitness classes for all and were trained in teaching people of all abilities and disabilities (sight, hearing, orthopaedic issues etc.). We had time to develop our skills and our teaching style, were given lots of coaching and feedback to help us grow in confidence and move forward as competent Fit Pros, with the skills necessary to hit the ground running.

    Whilst fashions change in fitness and sports science provides us with new information, the comprehensive in-depth and supportive start I enjoyed has provided me with the foundations and confidence to continue learning, evolving and growing in the fitness industry. We were told to ask questions, rather than accept others opinion without supportive evidence, and to find our own style and be responsible for our own work; we were also encouraged to keep learning and stay abreast of research. I continue to value, believe and stand by these professional qualities today.

    I have also travelled across the UK and the world, sharing my education, experience and ideas with other Fit Pros, and have been running my own successful fitness and dance business for over 30 years enjoying a loyal following, many of whom have been clients for decades!

    You might be thinking “ well, bully for you”… my intention is not to ‘show off’ but to share with you why I think that I’ve had such a long and happy career in fitness when the drop-out rate is so high in this business.

    Firstly, I had a great initial training and established good teaching skills, my own style and confidence.

    Secondly, I haven’t stood still – I have continually searched out and attended high quality education, studied and practiced what was taught. I do know of some Fit Pros that accumulate certificates and qualifications but don’t take on board or apply what they have learned.

    Thirdly, I prepare, practice and evaluate my work (I have a written plan for everything I do, yes I really do – I have boxes of them!)

    Fourthly, whilst I understand the appeal of jumping on trends and fads, I have stuck with what I believe to be honest and effective practice, congruent with my values and beliefs. I respect others choices to tread other paths.

    Fifth, I have the confidence to create my own programmes and class content – I don’t rely on waiting for material, I can create, adapt, modify and be flexible at the drop of a hat. Responding to climate, news, trends etc., keeping content fresh and current.

    Sixth- I make time to be creative and am unconsciously, in the main, on the look-out for inspiration for class content, themes, choreography for my classes, one to one, life coaching work and writing. In others words, I train my creative muscle.

    Seventh, I TEACH; I know my clients, classes and myself best and create and teach to meet those needs. I provide individualised, progressive teaching, telling my clients how and why, explaining the benefits, purposes, pitfalls and how to perfect their form whilst supporting, motivating and encouraging at the same time as moving cueing, mirroring keeping time with the music (where relevant) and smiling. I can multi-task like this because I have been trained to and I’ve practiced!  I take pride in my mastery as an Instructor. My clients recognise that I take a keen interest in them and care about their safety, progress and enjoyment; I know this because they tell me and return week after week.

    I am speaking frankly and honestly, some might not want to hear what I have to say – it might push buttons – so be it. Currently I see less and less of this mastery in the art of teaching fitness and dance inspired fitness, I have an opinion of why it’s so, but that is for another day. In my view the skills I have mentioned, and more, are required to do our job as an Instructor!!

    You are only a good teacher/instructor if you actually teach well. Performing ‘nicely’ and looking good in fitness gear, is not teaching! Imagine a schoolteacher standing in front of her students demonstrating maths problems without explaining why and how, or assisting her students with challenges or difficulties and building their confidence to try for themselves. Why would lack of teaching be ok in our classrooms if not anywhere else?

    I want to support my fellow instructors build skills and confidence in the art of excellent teaching (ETM in particular), so they too can enjoy a long and happy career, fulfilling their potential, seeing through the investment they have made with their finances, time and energy (and emotions). Great teachers really do benefit from greater client retention, and a good reputation provides new customers via referral. I have poached many clients from health clubs because of what and how I teach and I have clients who have round trips of over an hour, attending several times per week. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, my intention is to let you know that being an excellent teacher is worth the effort and time, it is valued and you will reap financial as well as personal rewards. Let others do what they do and lead by example.

    I have created DYBO Academy, offering advance training courses to passionate ETM instructors of dance inspired fitness, and in the new year, a membership to support them with choreography class ideas, teaching methods and how to develop their business further. To learn more, follow us –

    My first workshop is on 19th October in Farnham Surrey. Please email for more information and to book.

    I’m starting a revolution!

    Hey C2Goers,

    Yvonne Radley here – hopefully giving you some hints and tips when it comes to product launching and the media.

    I haven’t written a blog post for you guys in a while because I’ve had my head down for the past 6 months creating a brand new project and you know what that’s like……

    It’s just like when you are launching a new class or online program.

    You kind of lose yourself in PDF’s, videos, creating loads of content. Plus it can be scary too – putting products out there is never easy. Those awkward doubts always creep in – will it be good enough? Do people want to know about this? What if the next thing has already arrived and I’ve missed the boat?

    Well for now I’m just pushing all those doubts aside and driving forward. I am in the middle of creating Media School and I’ll be launching it in October.

    It’s a 3-month course with 3 modules for now Newspapers – Magazines and Radio. Plus there’s tons of material that go along with the video tutorials – I’ve included Contact Lists, Best Subject Lines, Editor’s Notest.

    I would love for you guys to get a sneak peek and to use some of my material.

    I’d also love your feedback too on the style and content. Does it work for you?

    I’ve attached for you my Interview Tips Sheet

    And my Press Release Template and Guide

    I think launching a product or a new program is one of the scariest things you can do and a lot of people only just get going and then pull out when the doubts creep in. Trust me, I was supposed to launch this back in June but I got so stressed with everything that had to be done. I got Vertigo and then a bad case of Bronchitis but I’m sure it’s just that I was putting so much pressure on myself.

    I pulled back and gave myself more time to get it done and I’m so glad I did.

    I also discovered Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula book and if ever you are looking to do a launch in the future I highly recommend it – he is the master of launching and shows you how to do it step by step over 90 days, not rushed at the last minute. All the big guns over in the States follow his plan.

    I’ll be launching my Media School with a special offer at my Live Event on Saturday October 4th.

    I’ve pulled in lots of favours and got some of my top media friends to come and talk to you about the latest marketing that is working right now to get customers through the door.

    I’ve got experts on Email Marketing who I met through B-School this year – Sales Experts who have worked with some of the biggest names in business, a Radio expert, me, of course, I will be talking about newspapers, Facebook Guru Vikki Ede and

    And a surprise celebrity guest you do not want to miss. Trust me the surprise celebrity guest is worth the ticket price alone. You will be thrilled to meet them.

    If you are launching a new program or product I wish you well – stay happy and push through those barriers.

    Yvonne Radley
    Big Me Up Media
    Find me on Twitter @yvonneradley

    E-mergency…….oh…..and the Scottish Vote…!!
    By Andrew Crawford

    Just imagine a week without, e-mail, telephone, car, limited mobile coverage and living in the middle of nowhere….!!!

    Well……..that’s a week I’ve just come through……an e-mergency when you are running a business.

    ……..But before you pull out your kerchiefs and wipe away the solitary tear rolling down your cheek whilst laughing uncontrollably, I am e-lated and e-xcited for my good friend and comrade Rachel Holmes as KSFL finally hit the broadsheets.

    The constant e-ffort, belief & faith had e-ffectively manifested itself………….not before time….Congratulations missus….plan B….!!

    E-note: Whatever you need to do or say and you haven’t done or said it…….What are you waiting for?  Tomorrow is not guaranteed to no man…..or woman…E-nough is e–nough!!

    So…back to this e-merging situation. I didn’t realise we rely heavily on the computer, broadband and the telephone. Very dangerous if there was a powercut….!!!

    I resorted to finding and breaking out my little dongle….what a relief..!!
    So Andrew…

    What are you going on about? What’s e- got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    E-ffectively E-vading tax depending on E-missions….

    So what does that mean?

    This week surprisingly I have a few questions about the same thing. Tax planning for cars.

    Like all these articles I try to point you in the right direction or give you points to consider whilst running a business whether sole-trader or company.

    You will find that some articles tend to lean toward the corporate business owner and others are specifically for individuals.

    A tax efficient car if being used as a company car will depend on it’s CO2 e-mmisions and it’s price. Even though it may be tax efficient it doesn’t mean that you will have to drive a low performance vehicle.

    The question also arose about whether it was better to use your own vehicle for business or a company one?

    Well…this would depend on a few factors. The price, the mileage you will be doing and as I mentioned before the CO2 e-mmisions not forgetting the running costs. When I think of the repair costs for my car, it sends chills down my spine,…..they’re multiplying..!

    HMRC do give you the approved mileage allowance (£0.45 for the first 10,000 miles £0.25 thereafter) but is this enough for you?

    What about leasing Andrew?

    This question popped up on a facebook feed. I will do a full article soon about whether to buy or lease.

    Basically if you are an employee or Director, his will have no e-ffect on your tax but the company must pay national insurance class 1a due on the benefit-in-kind which is chargeable on the you as a director or employee.

    In the early days, this is how I …….or my company in fact, bought my first £40k plus car. I was charged an additional use benefit and the company paid for the car in  full.

    As I write this I realised that this subject is quite large and can go into much detail. I will need to break this subject down unless there is some specific area you wish me to deal with???

    Your business can claim 100% of the leasing costs of a lower e-mmission car.

    If you are VAT registered, you can claim 50% of the VAT on the lease payments. That’s good…!!

    Just a note…..since car benefit rates are kinda low for these types of e-nergy e-fficient cars, you could offer two ……his & hers….!!!

    OK…..So I have made it sound all too e-asy. The best way to do this I have found is to sit down with pen and paper and work out different arrangements with the figures….if you have the e-nergy…!!!


    It’s here….!! The verdict.

    It can go e-ither way……Not sure about you but his girlfriend is no longer here to tell us what really happened that fateful night.

    And whilst that occurs, on the other side of the world in E-ngland, most notably E-dinbugh, the great debate…..In or out for Scotland?

    E-xciting ….E-njoy…!!

    Andrew James Crawford
    Have a wonderful WEEK!!

    Love Rachelxx

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