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  • Instructor Newsletter 14th July 2011


    Note from Rachel

    Where IS 2011 going? This year is rushing past so fast I can hardly believe it. Firstly,  I’d like to thank everyone who has attended the Fitness Fatburning and Functional Bootcamp. This tour has been a massive success and I’ve now only got 3 more venues to go before the end. I’ll be trotting down to Chelmsford on Saturday and Oxford on Sunday and, of course, if you would like to grab a last minute place then you can book on click here to book

    I launched my first Fitness Business Mentoring Programme last Thursday which I am mega excited about.  I will keep you all up to speed with the progress of my students over the coming weeks and you will be able to see how they are all doing on the course. If you missed out this time please email me and let me know if you would like information on the 2nd wave when I open it open again, but for the time being I will be concentrating on my Stage 1 mentoring students and their businesses.

    Fitness Business Builder Master Mind Days

    If you need to work SMARTER not Harder this is for you!!!

    I will be running a full 1 day Fitness Business Builder Mastermind day in the Autumn around the country. I will be presenting 10  seminars on How to Build a Fitness Business, Fitness  Business Basics, Web Sites, Social Media, Creating an on line Business to compliment your off line Business, Social Media, Video Production etc, Time Management, Motivation and Presenting.  Each day will have limited capacity  as I have hired out meeting rooms in hotels and have tried to choose the most accessible areas. Booking will be available and online from Monday .

    Saturday 17th September Bristol City Centre Premier Inn, King Street, Bristol 10 – 6pm
    Saturday 8th October

    Edinburgh City Centre

    Premier Inn Touch Base, Haymarket, Edinburgh 10  – 6pm
    Saturday 29th October Manchester Premier Inn Manchester Airport 10 – 6pm
    Saturday 5th November Southampton/Portsmouth Premier Inn Port Solent 10 – 6pm
    Saturday 12th November London Premier Inn Touch Base Centre, Heathrow 10 – 6pm
    Saturday 26th November Birmingham

    Premier Inn Birmingham NEC

    10 – 6pm

    C2GOTV #10 How to set up Successful Fitness Classes in the Community

    click below to watch the Daily Fit on Setting up Community Classes

    Setting Up in the community ready for September

    It’s the last week of term, which is a great time to contact all of the local schools in your area and see if they are available for hiring in September. Find out if you can do a contra deal, which means teach classes for the teachers and staff or children in exchange for a room for you to run your classes. If schools are a no go then think out of the box, try all of the usual church halls, YMCA’s, hospital physio gyms, pub rooms, nightclubs, martial arts school, empty commercial property. Nikki Swindell of Foxy Fitness has just been offered a huge nightclub for the whole evening for only £25. Ask around in your classes and post on Facebook and Twitter you are looking for venues and see if your friends can help you. You never know you might find out about a staff canteen or gym that a local business has available.

    Choose your class

    Think carefully about the kind of class you decide to teach in the community. Of course Zumba is flying right now but look at Fitness Pilates, Body Conditioning, Nordic Walking, Dance Fitness Classes and of course Bootcamps.  Bootcamps can come in many niches. Carefully consider your client profile –  etc who is she/he, how old are they, where do they go,  have they got a family, how much weight have they got to lose. etc  You can then target your marketing so much more effectively.

    Ideas for Bootcamp Niches

    Fitness Pilates Bootcamps

    Bootcamps for Softies

    Bootcamps targeted at people with 2 stone or more to lose

    Create your own Programme

    Have you an idea for the next fitness class trend? It’s not too far fetched to think you can create the next Zumba. If you have a great idea, create a brand identity and  run successful local classes then look to  employing other trainers to work for you. It’s really NOT that difficult.

    How Many Classes in 1 evening.

    If I could get a great hall for the evening I would ALWAYS offer back to back classes . BUT this might not always be prudent as it can sometimes split down your numbers. You may be better teaching 1 big class than 2 classes which split numbers. Remember you are aiming to always work SMARTER not HARDER. Think hard and long about doing multiple classes in the same venue on the same night. Consider, 1 super busy class is always better then 2 half full in the long term.

    Which evening/What time is best

    This will depend on your area and your target market. Do you want to catch people on the way home from work, or slightly later, letting them get home, have dinner then come out again for a class. This will also depend on the type of class. My best attended Fitness Pilates classes are Monday 715pm and Tuesday 730pm .These are always the busiest of the week. If you are not sure then ask your friends on Facebook and Twitter

    Marketing and PR

    Plan your marketing campaign like a strategic mission. Get flyers and posters delivered to as many houses as possible. The usual uptake on flyer is only 1 or 2% so make sure you get enough out in the  local area.

    Get A boards made to stand outside your venue.

    Banners to put on railings and on the venues if possible.

    Social Media Campaign using Facebook/Twitter/Utube/

    Press Release to local print and radio media.

    Since started Choreographytogo I have encouraged 1000’s of Instructors to branch out into the community and teach classes. There are 66million people in the UK and only 10% members of health clubs, so there IS room for all and with some clever marketing and the right class you can also join those savvy Instructors who have made the leap.

    I have create a special package including video workshops and webinars on How To Set Up Successful Fitness Classes in The Community Click here


    Jayne Nicholls

    What a week for revelations and change. Potentially we could be in for more massive movement in the media and the ramifications will be widespread. Any how! enough of National/Global matters let’s relate it all back to fitness.
    It strikes me that the balance of power in determining what we do and when we do it is slightly out of kilter. When ever we try to establish positive changes in our industry, we are invariably met by the following:
    ‘well my ladies love it’
    ‘my ladies really benefit from it’
    ‘my ladies would not want to change’
    Once we get past this, change inevitably happens, but let us consider for a while, our need to project clients views and preferences onto our decision to move forward or not as the case may be.
    Of course we need to keep our clients happy, but this will be done by a different set of skills and one that we might take for granted. What we say becomes what and how our clients think. They may improve simply by our suggestion, they feel happier for exercising and their posture improves with self confidence. We must look to them to consider whether they are happy and we are fulfilling their needs but we must never look to them to qualify the authenticity of our information. We must look higher and further for what we say and do, This is ever changing and its efficacy is not based upon our clients likes and dislikes.
    Projection is a natural defence tactic but it will never override the need to consistently update and make change.
    On a side note do you choose your on going education based upon CPD’s


    Procrastinating? It’s all in the mind….Sally Ghafoor

    Now if you follow me on Facebook or twitter, you will have seen I had a big fat loss of my MOJO this week, now along with the lovely responses I got from posting about my runaway motivation, I also got the negative ones, “oh well what do you expect, you can’t be a mother of three and do all the stuff you do” “ I was expecting this, you are spreading yourself very thinly you know” ARRRGGGGHHHHHH In that instance I realised I was dipping into being held back by those very people I wrote about last week, the ones that like to bob along following the herd, those ones that like to be vanilla. So where was my motivation and why had it left??? Why was my to do pile mounting up yet I was sat doing nothing – procrastinating.

    I think sometimes procrastination can be mistaken. You know what you should be doing but yet you’re still sat there on facebook doing something completely different, something EASY and something safe. Getting on in business is all about pushing the boundaries, doing scary stuff, making choices and seizing opportunities but sometimes it’s so much easier to push them to one side and do something that is safe and easy. It’s not procrastinating; well yes it is but is also being scared. Sometimes no matter who you are, no matter how much of a motivating person you are, no matter how much of a positive person you are sometimes you can get scared – I got scared.

    I had a big fat case of can’t be arsed, because I let the doubts creep in, the what if’s. What if that doesn’t work what if it goes wrong. Instead of taking my opportunities I was idle, and idleness it kills opportunities. Those opportunities, they aren’t lost, someone else will have taken up those opportunities I was too idle to take up this week. I in short have missed out, I wasted time.

    So here is what I am going to do. I am going to make the choice to and decide to be decisive. I think most of you will have read Rachel’s blog and about her Take action Today, well right now I am doing just that, procrastinating, being scared, it’s all about mindset, it’s all about choice. You can choose to be fat or thin, you can choose to be a moaning minny or a happy bunny. You make the choices, you say the words, you choose the patterns of your behaviour. I am going to do what others won’t do. Today I choose to stop procrastinating, to stop the doubting, to stop being scared.

    Let’s get on the C2GO forum, let’s post about what we are going to do to Take action today and do it. Let’s get fired up, let’s get motivated, and let’s grab our opportunities and go with them, (Can you hear me shouting this in a motivational speech like way, cause I really am!!!)

    Remember “The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year.”John Foster Dulles

    Check out Sally’s brilliant Blog or you can follow Sally on Twitter or Facebook

    Eat like an Athelete – Novak Djokovic by Sally Ghafoor

    Unless you detest Tennis you will all know the name Novak Djokovic.Up until the semi finals of the French Open this year, where he was beaten by Roger Federer, Djokovic boasted a 43 match winning streak, beating the unstoppable Rafael Nadal and earning himself the name “the hottest player on the tour” (and that is for his tennis not his looks.)

    So what changed to get Djokovic on this winning streak, Djokovic believes it to be down to the change within his diet and I have to agree.

    The majory of people will be gluten sensitive and not even  know it. Going on a gluten free diet regardless of whether you have any kind of intolerance, in my opinion will improve both performance and endurance and thats not just if your an athelete. Djokovic also cut out starchy carbs, again in my opinion another must to improve performance, endurance and overall health.

    There are so many positives to be had when eating a gluten free diet, eating a whole wheat diet can give you up to 300 symptoms ranging from headaches and bloating to lethargy, eczema and hayfever.

    Our body uses a lot of energy to digest gluten,it is, in short a huge energy drain on our body. For many, gluten is a neuro-toxin to the body, the gluten we consume today is not what it was years ago, our body was not designed to consume this type of food.

    So what is Gluten? It is the protein part of wheat, rye, barley, and other related grains. In those with celiac disease, gluten injures the lining of the small intestine. This can result in weight loss, diarrhea, gas, bloating, abdominal cramps, or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. When gluten is eliminated, the lining of the intestine is allowed to heal.

    Gluten causes immune system overload, your immune system is busy dealing with the fall out in the body from consuming gluten its not doing its proper job – keeping you healthy. Gluten is so hard to digest, removing it from your diet will mean you have better gut motility and function, better nutrition absorption, reduce systemic inflammation.

    So if your suffering with bloating, lethargy (think how you feel in the afternoon after eating a sandwich at work – tired?), asthma, IBS, Chron’s, any inflammatory diseases, bloating, to name but a few, cut out gluten for 2 weeks and feel the difference, I bet you won’t go back to eating it!!!


    Have a great week!
    Love always
    Rachel xxx

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