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  • Instructor Newsletter 2 October 2014











    Leisure Industry Week was held this week in the NEC
    & we popped along to catch up with friends, colleagues
    and other business owners.

    The show was much much smaller this year but it provides
    a great networking opportunity for anyone in fitness industry.

    I had some great meetings & looking forward to be working
    on new initiatives over the next few months.




    Are you on Instagram?

    Instagram is growing so fast now
    & is looking like the next big social media platform to really

    5 reasons

    1: It’s owned by FACEBOOK & they are really ramping it
    up now.

    2: The fastest population getting onto Instagram is Females 35+

    3: Because it’s so QUICK And EASY to use.

    You can
    scroll through your feed & easily find recipes, fashion,
    workouts, motivation
    without having to do that much interaction.

    4: Think of Instagram right now as in that awkward
    teenage phase it’s just about to blossom into
    an adult and then it will really POP & it’s perfect for
    your fitness business.

    If you LOVE your social media & you are looking
    for the next BIG One.

    Insta is my prediction for fitness,
    health & wellness businesses.

    My advice is to be an early settler.

    Get over there and start making tracks.

    Try my Instagram Challenge Today

    You are probably aware that super cool
    bright patterned leggings
    are really high fitness fashion right now


    If you have some jazzy leggings.

    Take a selfie of you in them
    and post to Instagram and TAG ME RachelLHolmes
    and use the #legginglove

    You can find my latest legging love
    post over there.

    We HEART our jazzy leggings!



    Tonights Kick Start YOUR Fatloss Motivational Webinar

    Join me tonight for my FREE LIVE webinar
    on nutrition, motivation, faloss & motivation

    2nd October 8 – 9pm
    Registration Web Link:



    KS EXTREME in Southampton this Sunday

    Kelly & I cant wait to hit Southampton on Sunday
    for the KS Extreme and you can still grab a place
    click here to book on



    7 Day Kick Start Indian Summer Detox

    I haven’t run my online detox for a while dut to time commitment
    but next week I am hitting hard with new workouts, new audios
    & a tweaked plan so if you are ready for some
    nutritional coaching from me then hop on board.

    The group is up & ready to rock.

    Click here to join



    Paul Mort The Future of the Fitness Industry


    I’m gonna come straight out with it

    I don’t give a shit about the future of the
    fitness industry

    Sounds blunt?

    Yer, it is

    Here’s why:

    I don’t care what anyone else does anymore

    ‘cept myself and the people who pay me money

    It’s time to stop looking out of the window
    at what everyone else is doing and start

    Who we are

    What we want

    and how we can get it

    and how we can get it by helping as many
    people as possible

    The fitness industry as a whole is failing

    and failing BADLY. The uk is fat and sick

    and the people who can do the most to help
    are (mostly) living from month to month

    No reliable income In fact a depressingly
    average income

    Shitty working hours

    Waiting and looking for the next ‘golden egg’
    a class or concept that brings you a boost in
    income for a little while before dying out

    and a ‘dog eat dog’ mentality where
    ‘undercutting, bitching and back biting are

    What the industry needs is LEADERS

    Leaders in SPECIFIC areas (I’ll get onto that
    in a minute)

    The days of going after anyone with a wallet,
    a pulse and a few pounds to ‘tone up’ are

    (well not tecnhincally, but thats where the
    problems above will STAY)

    The days of selling ‘classes’  and session
    will stay where they are too.

    Like they always have.

    The fads will dominate for a little while,
    then fade out as more and more insutructors
    jump on the bandwagon and compete by simply
    being ‘cheaper’

    This might make uncomfortable reading for

    Thats GOOD.

    You can’t create change by telling people
    what they want to hear, my friend

    At this point you have two choices.

    1- Cover your eyes, pretend you didn’t read
    what you just read and run away, cursing me
    and calling me all the names you can think of
    for exposing your reaility

    2- Accept your reality for what is and have
    the courage to create change


    Lets dive in and mould YOUR FUTURE in the fitness industry
    as a LEADER

    NOTE: If you’re one of these people that say you’re ‘not in it for the money’
    then this is NOT FOR YOU (by the way, how come you still charge people then?)

    Oh and you also don’t HAVE to do any of this stuff..

    I’m just sharing what has some of my inner circle making big money, with more time off
    and working with AWESOME clients that listen to every word they say and get incredible results

    Step 1- You MUST understand the psychology of sales.

    People buy for a reason. The sooner and more in depth you
    learn why that is.. the better

    It’s not what you think it is.

    People DON’T want classes, they DON’T sessions plans and they DON’T want a nutrition plan
    with recipes

    Step 2- You have to become exclusive.

    You DON’T do this by ‘saying’ your exclusive, babycakes

    They key is actually in the word

    You gotta EXCLUDE people.

    This is the same as ‘niche-ing’ but actually being true to it

    Proving a SPECIFIC solution, to a SPECIFIC PROBLEM, for a SPECIFIC ‘group’
    of people.

    Step 3- You must have the COURAGE to be HONEST and RAW

    Speak your truth, share your struggles, reveal your WHOLE SELF

    It’ll change your life and set you free…

    Its LIBERATING and people LOVE IT

    oh and it’ll put more bacon in your sandwich too

    Step 4- You MUST be prepared to ‘ruffle feathers’

    Listen if being nice and kissing up to everyone is working for you right now…

    That’s totally cool, keep doing it, comrade.

    But I’ll have you consider that maybe its time to start calling people
    out on the bullshit stories they’re telling themselves and SHOWING them there reality

    Most people are so used to being molly coddled and having people pussy-foot around them
    that you exposing their PAIN (and showing that you actually give a shit) is like a LIGHTENING BOLT
    to them..

    and they’ll either HIDE from it (like many will from this article)

    or they’ll REACH OUT to you and ask for help

    I’ll leave you with this

    “The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality”

    Max Depree

    Feel free to teach out to me, BTW

    I don’t bite, unless you ask..

    and my wife doesnt mind 😉

    Uncle Morty


    Helen Carpenter-Waters
    Creative Director – DYBO Academy



    Passing The Baton – Part 4

    Thank you for the wonderful feedback I’ve received following my previous contributions to the Choreography 2 Go Newsletter. It’s great to know that what I have to say resonates with fellow FitPros and that many of you also love teaching ‘freestyle’ independent classes and others want to get back to it. That’s why I’m taking the time to write and organise training days across the UK. DYBO Academy aims to support instructors of dance inspired fitness classes (both freestyle and franchise). I have seen many classes over the years, all of them teach me something – even if it’s how not to do something. I’ve observed/experienced much that gets my thinking cap buzzing with static. What I discuss with you today has been inspired by my observations.

    Passing Time!
    With a rapidly ‘expanding’ nation and obesity related disease at record levels, we have a big job on our hands to inspire and motivate our community to get fit and healthy. There are a plethora of classes and exercise modalities out there and as instructors we have a great deal of competition so I don’t understand the complacency I regularly witness in classes. If, as a teacher, you are un-inspired or bored, how on earth will you provide a stimulating, engaging ‘must do’ class for your clients? I often witness poorly prepared (if at all) classes with the instructor clearly racking their brains for something or anything to fill the time slot allocated! There is so much our clients need to know and do – we can’t afford to waste a moment, let alone an hour! Consider the knock on effect to their adherence and attendance on them and you! The stress of ‘winging it’ constantly is exhausting and demotivating, the worry of low attendance figures does the same to our mental and physical state – hardly helping Fit Pros to present a congruent message of good health and professionalism (that doesn’t mean you don’t go ‘off plan’ when necessary!).

    Rachel Holmes is an expert at helping you guys build a successful business, I want to remind you that delivering an expert product that is worthy of your marketing hype is essential for customer retention and reputation. Here are a few memory joggers;
    Who is your class aimed at?
    Does your class content reflect your target audience?
    Are you well prepared? (relevant knowledge, energy, prepared choreography/content, experience)
    How effective is your teaching? i.e. our classes are only successful if they achieve the choreography and experience sufficient challenge to stimulate physical and mental growth and have a sense of achievement
    Is your class predictable, do they know what is coming before you do? Do you regularly change the choreography/content, style, speed of movement, planes and levels of action. Do you try out different things yourself or do you settle with the ‘same old, same old’? If it ‘ain’t broke don’t fix it’ can result in boredom and drop-out (and reduced training effect). Remember ‘routine can make us routine’. There are always fixed minded folks who prefer to stay with what they know but if you are skillful at your teaching and enthusiastic and supportive you can get these participants to evolve too
    Look for inspiration, attend classes and courses that take you out of your comfort zone and give you fresh perspective. Always give credit where credit is due
    Rather than be threatened by or be negative about other teachers, recognise what they offer and consider why. There are many people and many ways to enjoy fitness – enough for everyone. You might learn something you didn’t know or could do better. Bitching isn’t professional and is poisonous to all in proximity
    Your own USP. I prefer to remain unique in my class content and professional in delivery, always remembering the basics and rules. I’ve enjoyed a long career based on that principle. Be original and/or better at what you do than your competition. I recently presented at the Fit Pro Conference entitled ‘Breaking the Rules’ and yes I agree that we should question and challenge boundaries – it’s how new things are created and evolved, however we must know the rules before we can break them, if not, we are simply shooting at a target in the dark, aimless, not knowing what works and how.

    So there they are, a few things for you to consider when going about your work as a FitPro.

    Remember, my course ‘The Choreography Equation’ provides a range of choreography methods and styles to assist instructors create their own unique classes. I will also provide lots of choreography ideas on the day too. Email me on for more information and to book.

    Course Venue        –    All Hallows, Farnham, Surrey
    Course Date        –    19 October 2014
    Course Time        –    10am – 4pm

    We are currently scheduling our 2015 courses throughout the UK. If you are interested in attending our courses, but not able to access Farnham easily, then please email and let me know where you are located or if you have a venue that we could use to accommodate a minimum of 20 people for day at the weekend.

    I look forward to hearing from you – Helen (on a mission)

    PS Like us on Facebook to hear more!




    A Liar Will Always Fear The Coming of Truth

    By Andrew Crawford



    What is there to fear if you tell the truth?

    Did you intentionally go to LIE? ……Oh….LIE in this article is Leisure Industry Education. Better known as Leisure Industry Week.

    If you operate within the Fitness Industry it’s worth you popping your head in there. The last day is today, so if you have time, get yourself to Birmingham.

    A good colleague of mine asked “…Is it worth it?…” my reply was….”..You only get out of it, what you put in…”

    There are many products and services each tempting you to try it buy it. I found that time just flew by whilst walking around.

    And that’s no lie.

    In other news..Cameron promised the following:

    Increasing the personal allowance from £10,500 to £12,500, to lift workers on the minimum wage out of tax altogether. He said: ‘If you work 30 hours a week on minimum wage, you will pay no income tax at all. Nothing. Zero. Zilch’
    The threshold at which people pay 40p in the pound will be raised to £50,000 – from £41,900

    Building 100,000 new homes for first time buyers, costing 20 per cent less than normal. He said: ‘Buy-to-let landlords won’t be able to snap them up. Wealthy foreigners won’t be able to buy them. Just first-time buyers under the age of 40’

    A renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with Europe – with controls to freedom of movement – followed by a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU by the end of 2017

    NHS funding will rise faster than inflation between 2015 and 2020

    Banning Scottish MPs from voting on English laws. He said: ‘This is my vow: English votes for English laws – the Conservatives will deliver it’

    Banning zero-hours contracts which stop people getting work elsewhere. ‘That’s not a free market – it is a fixed market,’ Mr Cameron said

    Scrapping Labour’s Human Rights Act and the introduction a British Bill of Rights

    Extremists who travel to Syria will have their passports removed to block them from returning

    Is this the Truth or is it a big fat Lie??

    So Andrew…

    What has the Truth got to do with Accountancy & Tax?


    This week has been very very interesting in terms of protecting your brand and ensuring it’s continual future operations.

    If you haven’t done this part properly, you can end up having to reorganise your business, even changing your business name.

    The Truth is that…..More and more Fit Pros realise that they have more than just classes and products but they actually have ASSETS which need protection.

    The Truth is that…..A Trade Mark is anything that can be represented graphically and which can distinguish one brand from another. This can be goods or services.

    A Trade Mark may consist of words  (this may include your personal name). In particular it includes designs, special letters, numerals or the shape of the goods or packaging  e.g. (The Nike Swoosh.

    Your business may have spent years building up goodwill with customers and potential clients. It would therefore be unfair if a newly formed business or operation made out that they owned the product or service that you spent years building up.
    Under UK law traders are prevented from running their businesses in such a way as to steal a competitor’s trade.

    Anyone who suffers financial loss as a result of an activity of this kind is entitled to bring a passing off action.

    Passing Off – Unregistered Trade Mark

    Passing Off is when a person like you builds up a reputation in an unregistered trade mark and is then harmed by another making use of that mark and the goodwill contained in it.

    Passing Off protects your business from misrepresentation by others that they are connected with or part of the same business.

    It is a matter of common law. Essential ingredients of Passing Off are:

    Registering Trade Marks

    Trade Marks can only be registered in respect of particular goods or classes of goods.

    Once a trade mark has been registered, its owner is given the exclusive right for ten years to use the mark. You have to ensure you re-register it after the ten years.

    Make sure you understand about Protecting Your Brand, in terms of Copyright, Intellectual Property etc

    For more   information about Protecting Your Fitness Brand, go here…


    You’ve heard of the Ebola Virus right?

    Is there any Truth that the USA Government has a Patent on it?

    If so…..Tell the Truth…!!!

    What’s it all about?

    Andrew James Crawford

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