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  • Instructor Newsletter 6th March 2014

    For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a happy life in the process – leave your email here







    I’m still buzzing from the brilliant Women’s Wellness Summit last weekend.

    It was THAT good. So many amazing presentations, from first class, talented
    Speakers, all imparting such valuable knowledge that, frankly, has not been discussed at a fitness Conference before.  Believe me; I have been to hundreds of fitness conventions over the last 25 years.

    Jenny Burrell handpicked a group of the World’s leading Women’s Health Specialists who all want to help empower Fitpros with up to the minute information aimed at helping the women who stand in front of us every single day.

    Speakers discussed Pre & Post recovery and care, menopause, peri menopause,
    Fertility & Infertility, Pelvic Pain, Rectus Diastasis, and we covered a whole
    host of VITAL topics that women chat about with their friends but are never
    addressed in this way.

    It was ground breaking and Jenny is such a trailblazer.

    I do believe the opportunity for us to transform from a Group X Leader into Coach into Women’s Wellness specialist is upon us right now.
    Linking with the best health care professionals to help inform & guide our clients
    is the future.
    Well done Jenny, it was a cracking event and I was very proud to have been invited to speak.

    I had prepared my talk & I was last on, so by the time it got to me I was ready to  explode! I spoke on running my fast paced fitness business, social media, VA’s,Websites, promotion, in fact the prepared talk went out the window and
    I JUST hit the ground running, passing on as much info as I possibly could inside 60minutes.
    The energy in the room was infectious & I was bouncing off the walls,
    I loved it so much. Thanks to everyone who came, it was a real game changer.

    I was blown away by Jo De Rosa’s article today. Wait till you read it. She has gone on a 3 week meditation retreat where you meditate. No speaking, No phone NO SOCIAL MEDIA
    for 3 hours a day, wow, that hard core and some serious commitment. Jo is so the real
    deal & I can’t wait to hear her speak on the KSFL Lifestyle Day on 7th June.

    Have you booked  your space yet? Remember, if you want to bring your class members
    then get in touch with me as I doing an incentive scheme for Instructors who bring along
    their own clients. Email me for all of the details Click here for the Booking info

    Kick Start Fat Loss is buzzing away now with our corporate clients and I am super proud to announce we will be providing our services for 7500 employees at a B & Q Distribution Centre in Worksop. The team is growing with a new Social Media Manager and a Business Development Manager, who will be coming on board next week. It’s really exciting times as the brand is growing, as is the awareness for clean eating, health, fitness, mindset and wellness all coming together under our new KSFL® Lifestyle Programme.
    I am especially looking for entrepreneur Fitness Instructors/Business Owners in Bristol,Oxford & Independent Studio Owners, Hair & Beauty salon Owners all over the UK so get i touch and lets have a conversation.

    Great news! I will be bringing new Cover Versions HIIT Music in conjunction with Pure Energy which I am SO excited about. The CDs are now at the pressing plant & we will be released very shortly!

    More RH Tips

    After last weeks Tips here are more Ive been thinking about all week!

    1: WELLNESS & Lifestyle is where it’s at. Think long term rather than quick fixes packages

    2: Get better at writing – for your status updates/blog posts/newsletters/marketing everything we now do in fitness has an element of writing & copy. Its crucial now to spread your message.

    3: READ so much more – 10minutes a day minimum.

    4:Listen to what your girlfriends talk about & issues they have, then design classes, services, products to help them.

    5:Understand FACEBOOK adverts – Facebook algos have changed again.

    6:Understand Twitter for Business

    7:Read Gary Vaynerchuck’s Jab Jab Jab Right Hook Book.

    8: Revisit your goals list every week & edit, rework & change course if necessary.

    9: Design cool lifestyle/fitness programmes online & offline for women aged 40 – 60 years

    10: Learn how to capture emails and use a good email distribution service like Mail Chimp. Aweber, Constant Contact understand it own it.

    11: Stop teaching classes & clients you can’t stand.

    12:Understand the difference between the social media platforms – Post different things, at different times on FB, Twitter, Instagram.

    13: Get a Mac you will never look back

    14: Organise local fitness & wellness events – Stand out as an expert.

    15: Get into public speaking. You do it every day as an Instructor, therefore, create some interesting talks, and offer to speak wherever you can locally & build your profile.

    16: We are all 1 person media companies and brands now.

    17:Create your own picture quotes with your branding for social media distribution.

    18: Follow journalists, magazines and news channels & tweet them on topical health & fitness daily.

    19: Teach Fitness Pilates  – Classes go from strength to strength nationwide.

    20: Get into OUTSOURCING and Delegate. My favorite site is I use this every day to get down my to-do list.

    21: STOP using Facebook as distribution. Pumping out BUY My…Buy My……. Facebook is not a modern day email service. You need to put out good CONTENT, blog posts, pictures.  Keep giving out great content.

    22: Trending Topics on Twitter – Check out what the daily Trends are & be creative and tie these into your daily Tweets. Understand # hashtags

    23: Work out you true core desires. What DO you really want out of life. Design your own life not someone else’s.

    24: Partner with Hair & Beauty Shop entrepreneurs in your town.

    25:  Position yourself as a professional expert.

    26:  If your classes are quiet. Look at your marketing. Change it up, reach out to new audiences, look at your social media, leaflets, branding. Marketing is a daily process & its constantly changes.

    27: Use Pure Energy Music – Its the best by 100000%!

    28: Spend time building your community

    29:Write a weekly newsletter minimum – Reach out to your list as often as
    possible with great content. (Daily if poss)

    30:Jump on monthly events & healthy awareness campaigns there is something every month that is relevant to health, fitness & wellness.

    31: If you are looking for ideas on things to tweet/FB scan the daily news websites like Sky/BBC/Huffington Post/ and comment on daily newsworthy topics.

    32:You can be the best PT/Instructor in the world but if no one knows about you you are not reaching your potential clients.

    33: Know EXACTLY who your customer is. Who comes to your sessions – Find out the exact demographic for each product you have. Its easy to market then.

    34: Understand # #Thrownbackthursday check out mine on social media.

    35: More people will ask your questions about your classes via social media. Ask for their email address & answer via email but add the email address to your list.

    36: Offer classes & services that no one else does: 1:1 Yoga/Pilates/, Small Group Training, @Home Transformation partys. Brainstorm NEW class ideas.

    37: Build up your media contacts locally including print & radio. Tweet them  & build relationships via Twitter/Linkedin

    38: If you starting out & really want to explode your business come & join me at Kick Start Fat Loss as a Franchisee 🙂

    39: The pay is NOT going to go up in Health Clubs & Leisure Centres.

    40: Fitness is THE best industry to be in. It doesnt have to be hard its a gift ENJOY IT

    Jaynes Tips

    Here are my top 10 tips as we go into spring on how to re ignite both yours and your clients fire:

    1:  Ask everyone who attends your classes what they think – start a flow, create a fresh environment where your clients come to ask you questions or tell you what they think about their exercise.

    2:  Change what you say and how you say it in 1-3 ways every time you teach.

    3:  Thing about why not how you are offering each exercise.

    4: Respond to what is happening in front of you in the here and now rather than what is not or may not ever happen.

    5:  Never modify an exercise for anyone unless they constantly show that they cannot perform optimum.

    6: Treat everyone in a group as an individual

    7: Never listen to anyone who rallies other people others into acting or speaking in negative terms.

    8:  Only ever speak about what you know to be true and not what ”they say” is true.

    9:  Never put up with anyone who tries to undermine you or your information.

    10: Remember that laughing, shouting, arguing and sharing are by far the most interesting methods of verbal communication.

    11: And finally as a bonus, never trust anyone who concludes their emails with love and light – it is rarely a genuine indication of their true nature – in my experience!

    A Life Lived ON PURPOSE
    By Jo De Rosa

    As you read this I am tucked away in the borders of Scotland at a Tibetan Monastery, in silent meditation for three weeks.
    This is my yearly sabbatical to Samye Ling, participating in the Nungney Buddhist retreat. This is my annual mental-health check if you like, and the chance to detach from business completely, totally let go, and simply ‘be’.

    Our day up here starts at 6am in the temple with three three hour, and two one hour ‘sitting’ sessions. Every other day we are in silence, and fast from food and water…not even brushing our teeth on those days!
    Pretty hardcore ?

    But I will depart in a few weeks feeling renewed and refreshed, and ready to take on all that 2014 throws at me. No computer, no phone, no Facebook, no Twitter and no Choreography To Go newsletters for a whole 3 weeks!

    A life lived ON PURPOSE
    I give myself a detox from normality once a year, and during this time I really get a new perspective on my life and my business. Taking time out like this allows you to realise if you are in fact living your life ON PURPOSE. Do you do what you love? If not then change it….
    How can anyone be truly successful if they do not ENJOY what they do? Because when your job is your PASSION then it’s not like working at all.

    A job IN SERVICE
    I’m sure for most of you reading this your work IS your passion, and by doing your job you are IN SERVICE to your clients. If this doesn’t resonate with you then perhaps you need to think about if this is the job for you? You are not serving either your clients or yourself by doing a job that you do not feel passionate about.

    Your clients NEED YOU
    The beautiful thing about living a life ON PURPOSE is that what you do is what you should be doing. In fact, you have a DUTY to your clients to deliver your product. If you didn’t then what would happen to them?
    We all vibrate at a certain frequency, and your particular style of teaching/coaching attracts those clients that are vibrating at a similar frequency. If you didn’t do what you do, then what would happen to those clients that don’t ‘match’ other trainers/coaches?

    You have a GIFT
    And you owe it to those that need you to deliver your gift.
    What a privilege it is to deliver our gifts to the world, and how lucky we are to have found our passion!
    Celebrate this as not everyone is as lucky as us….
    Believe in yourself, your gifts, your potential, and the potential in others that you unlock through your teaching and coaching x

    Kick Start Fat Loss Lifestyle Event
    I am uber-excited to be speaking at Rachel’s amazing event in June.
    ‘Meditation and Manifestation for Beginners’ is going to be an insight into my own practice, and how I have gone from bankruptcy to living in a £1.5 million house. I can’t wait to share my tips and techniques with you, and inspire you to ‘Create From Connection’ through a strong meditation practice, to take your own business and life through the roof.
    Because the sky’s the limit! x

    Facebook:  InnerGuidance
    Twitter:  @Inner_Guidance
    Copyright: Jo De Rosa 2014

    “He Who Is Without Sin…Cast The First Stone…!!”
    By Andrew Crawford

    As I tucked into my scrambled eggs, sausage and beans this morning I couldn’t help but get drawn to the TV screens in the hotel…!!

    They give you 30 seconds to a minute of some ‘Hot’ news stories, from which you are left to deduce some meaning or conclusion to the ‘Clip’….For instance..

    What is the USA Secretary of State doing in Europe talking about PEACE…!!

    “..The Pentagon will more than double the number of fighter jets it is sending to a Nato air policing mission in the Baltics as part of Washington’s response to the Ukraine crisis,…”

    Then I find out…..”Britain has sold more than £86m of sniper rifles, ammunition, drones and laser technology to Russia in just over a year,….”

    I thought the Pistorius case was already over.!!!!

    My analysis.

    Argument with girlfriend, took his gun out, shot her dead….Guilty…lock up the mofo..NEXT case please…(she ain’t here to defend herself)

    Michael Le Vell Given ‘One Last Chance’ By ‘Coronation Street’ Bosses After Admitting To Taking Cocaine

    Leave him alone…it’s up to him what he does in the privacy of his home.

    After making an apology, it is believed he will escape losing his job as producers have supported drug-taking stars in the past….My gosh..!!

    “…’Corrie’ stars Craig Charles, Simon Gregson and Jimmi Harkishin all took a break from the soap after being exposed for taking drugs but all later reappeared on screen….”

    So my question is…… alcohol a drug?  What about cigarettes??

    Take your coke sniffing sniffer dogs and go and trawl the Houses of Parliament and the likes………I’m sure some interesting ‘Finds’ would be revealed……

    So Andrew……

    What has the old US Secretary of State, the murderer Pistorius and I think it’s time to retire from the Street Le Veil got to do with Accountancy & Tax?
    Well……they’re old news….they should be all Pensioned off….!!

    The last couple of weeks I have been in conversations with people interested in Pensions….

    I am not an Independent Financial Advisers so I am not qualified to tell you which one to choose, however, I can tell you about them……Yarn…Boring…..!!

    Ok…..I will bullet point the necessary salient (important ) parts…

    Basic State Pension –  Pays up to £107.45 a week and based on your National Insurance Contributions.

    Self-    Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) – You control this.

    Stakeholder Pension – Auto-enrolment in which your employers

    State Earnings Related Pension (SERPS) –  Replaced by the second state pension.

    State Second Pension – Paid to employees in addition to the Basic  State Pension

    Personal Pension/Retirement Annuity Contract (RAC) – Can be arrange  through an employer as a group personal pension.

    How much can you pay in?

    At the moment you can pay in the higher of 100 % of UK earnings up to £50,000 a year or £3,600 if you have low income.

    They do not have to be regular payments

    They do not include dividends which you pay yourself from your company

    The £3,600 can be put in either for yourself or for someone else

    There is a lifetime limit of £1.5 million.

    When can you claim your pension?

    The minimum age for a man is 65 and 60 for a woman born before 6/4/50

    You can take up to 25 % of your pension pot tax free

    What is left in your pot you then buy an annuity
    Tax Relief

    The amount you pay is treated as if basic rate tax has already been deducted.

    The pension provider reclaims the tax and adds it back to your pension

    If you are employed your contributions are deducted from your pay.

    On death before the age of 70 there would be no Inheritance Tax to pay if nothing has been taken from the plan.

    Talk to an IFA who deals specifically with pensions there are lots of other tricks they know…..just ask.


    The Media does a lot of stone throwing UNTIL….they get found out themselves. One word……HACKING…!!!

    You usually find that it is the person who is ‘pointing the finger’ and dishing out the dirt on others has the most to hide….

    He/She Who Is Without Sin…Cast The First Stone…!!”

    Would you be in a position to cast that stone?

    I have 2 stones…………..and that’s for my 1 bird..!!

    Andrew James Crawford

    Love Always RACHEL

    For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a happy life in the process – leave your email here

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