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  • Instructor Newsletter 7 July 2011

    Note from Rachel

    Hi C2go’ers   I hope you are having a brilliant week. As many of the schools are now coming to the end of term and breaking up it’s a great opportunity to reassess your classes and class content. During the summer I always get a fresh influx of people who only attend classes during holiday time. They are usually teachers or those with part time school hours jobs. I love this as it really mixes up the classes and I have to work much harder to ensure everyone is getting the workout and understanding why I am doing and choosing a certain training style and exercise. My Bootcamp Conditioning classes have been absolutely storming. These workouts now are my most popular ever, the music, the vibe and the templates I have created mean that you really can cater for everyone in class  and you are able to  “coach” the group instead of having to “do” everything with the participants. These workouts can be as intense as the individual wants to make then and you can ring the changes with different timings and rest periods, strength based, metabolic & fatburning ,the options are endless. You can see some of the workouts here on download click here Try the St Petersburg Bootcamp Workout it’s a definite  winner!

    There’s been lots of talk this week regarding whether Instructors are insured to teach nutrition and even give out diet plans. (Check out the forum on this) and Dax Moy has contributed a great article for the newsletter on this below. Do feedback to us using the forum or the comments box below.

    Marvin Burton’s New Functional Freestyle 2011 Tour

    Yes ,Mr Ironman is back travelling the length and breadth of the UK in the Functional car delivering the functional message. Marv has come back better than ever armed with new info on human movement, research and biomechanics and a whole host of great class content. First up Marv will be premiering the new Jordan Power Bag workout, then moving into his signature Freestyle Conditioning equipment free and then a full Abs and Core updates. We launched the workshop on Tuesday and already it is looking like it will be a sell out 🙂 Check out Marv’s Tour details here

    My 90 Day Fitness Business Builder and Branding Course launches today!

    I am so so excited about this programme and it’s finally launched. If you have a million ideas swimming about in your head and need help and direction getting your business on track, then my mentorship programme is for you. Each week contains a series of webinars and video workshops, plus mentoring calls with me to work on your business plans and ideas. It lasts for 12 weeks, after which you will emerge with everything you need to take your business and career soaring. I’ve made every week easy to follow in a logical step by step and I will support you all the way.

    click here to play video

    90 Day Coaching programme Launch from Rachel L Holmes on Vimeo.

    Each week contains a new topic and you can work through everything in your own time.

    I have been seriously considering for the last 2 years, the merits of delivering a mentor programme for my cherished clients and members of Choreographytogo. Having nurtured so many Instructors through industry trends, I thought it was time I put an authentic and comprehensive coaching programme together.  In my opinion a great business coach has had to go through the struggles, find the answers, work things out for themselves and have a “real” business model, a track business record for potential clients to look at and see for themselves.

    I am totally committed to coaching you through all the topics below. Even if you feel that you are not brilliant at “techy” stuff I can also help you with that.

    I get a massive amount of emails every day from Choreographytogo members who want to create membership sites like Choreographytogo, Become Presenters, Understand how to work Social Media more effectively, Take  on Virtual Assistants, Get workable websites built and created, Create a programme you can employ other Instructors, the list is endless, so I have created a 90 Day Coaching Course containing everything I know and how to fast track you there.

    I’ve got to be honest with you here, I don’t think there is a quick fix. It will take you time to build a business in this way and I can’t promise you will earn 6, 7 or 8 figures. BUT what I can offer you is the gateway to all of the information and experience I wish I had 5 or 10 year’s ago when I started my online business.

    All the massive and costly mistakes I made, you don’t have to. and, of course, I will be here to help and guide you through all of this and help you emerge the other side with a real plan of action and steps to getting there.

    C2GoTV on the BLOG

    If you missed last week you will know that I launched C2GOTV on the  Blog. There  you will find my new Internet TV show called the Daily Fit. At the moment I am experimenting with different software packages ,but most days you will find an episode of The Daily Fit which includes fitness info, quick choreography fixes, industry news and, of course, bags of motivation. The show will be growing over the next few weeks so do keep stopping by and leaving your comments.

    Check out the recent episodes of The Daily Fit


    CHANGE IS COMING by Jayne Nicholls
    I just wanted to share something with you all which I am sure you will all appreciate. This afternoon I took a call from someone who immediately said, ‘ I have been trying to track you down for ages’, she used to do my classes in 2003 and loved them so much, she had set about finding me. Whets more her absolute disappointment in first that I was not teaching in her area any more and secondly that she could not bare the formulaic timetables that are all the same at present made me feel that the public are actually changing and expressing their desire for something a little more bespoke. She closed by saying thank you for the classes and made my day.
    Similarly I am also seeing a fresh hunger in the new breed of instructors, I am not sure if it is Zumba that has given them the confidence to share their desire and passion to teach but they are out there and eager. I remember when I started in the industry, I said yes to everything and still do come to think of it. This turn on both industry and public levels should make us all optimistic.



    Nutrition Advice and Where do we all stand? by Dax Moy

    There’s not a world of a difference between giving nutritional advice and prescribing nutrition. The difference is, ultimately, one of CYA (cover your arse) from a litigation perspective.
    The rationale goes, I guess, that if you said “you SHOULD eat this” and Mrs Jones gets ill or simply doesn’t get a result that she paid you for, that you’re now liable as she was following your specific prescription.
    On the other hand if you say “This is advice only but…” then Mrs Jones hasn’t been prescribed a thing and you’re now in the clear from a litigation perspective.
    Thing is, you can ‘advise’ exactly the same diet as a nutritionist or dietician, right?
    Makes no sense, especially when you consider that dieticians are still trained on the food pyramid model of health and believe that there is little difference between processed food and non-processed. That it’s all merely a calories in vs. calories out game…
    Look, this is pretty much common sense stuff (but advice from me, not a legal standpoint/prescription) but simply frame all of your nutritional advice as just that… ADVICE!
    How do you think all those diet book authors get to publish their stuff without getting sued by all and sundry? Davina McCall didn’t do a degree to write her diet book, nor did ANY of the celebs who have celebrity diets. They simply have a disclaimer that TELLS people that their approach is not a prescription. It’s advice only.
    Here’s mine from my Elimination Diet…

    “As a health and fitness professional with over a decade of experience in coaching people to great results I believe 100% in what I’m sharing within these pages and know that if you apply the principles I’m sharing that you will get great results.

    However, given that people are nowadays super-litigious and enjoy suing people for practically any reason they can I’m going to go through the boring legal blurb that, sadly, needs to be done to protect me from someone who says they got ill because they were asked to banish all of the toxic, chemically altered, food colouring added, denatured stuff that lines the supermarket shelves and instead to eat only fresh, natural and unaltered foods that come from the ground, swims in rivers or the sea, walks on land or flies in the air.
    I know it sounds silly (and it is) but there are people who will claim that removing known toxins, allergens and irritants from their foods will, in some way have harmed them, caused mental anguish or removed the fundamental human right to freedom of choice.
    Worse still, some clever clogs will get a smart enough lawyer to press a case, win and repossess my home, my car and all my other stuff and stick me in jail for the rest of my natural life. (I’m only half joking!).
    Therefore, read the following statement BEFORE you read the rest of this book or follow any of the advice given.

    Medical Disclaimer: Read This BEFORE You Commence The Program!
    The elimination diet advice given within these pages is for information purposes only and in no way supersedes any prior advice given by a medical practitioner, registered dietician or nutritionist.
    Should you follow the advice herein you are choosing to do so of your own free will, without coercion and in the full knowledge that the dietary recommendations have not been personally designed for you and that should you suffer from a medical condition of any kind or suspect that the dietary regimen may cause you a medical problem of any kind whatsoever that you should speak to a qualified medical practitioner for advice.
    Further, if you choose to follow the dietary recommendations and feel that it is affecting you adversely or that you are feeling negative side effects in any way then you should cease it immediately and consult your doctor.”

    This has been downloaded over 140,000 times to date and serves me just fine.
    By the way, I’m not a dietician or nutritionist and have no desire to be. That said, the has helped tens of THOUSANDS of people for whom visits to degree certified dieticians and nutritionists has failed over and over again.
    Telling people to eat clean, wholesome, nutritious foods and removing the toxins is just… obvious! You shouldn’t need a degree for that, right?
    Most trainers that I know don’t have degrees in biomechanics, kinesiology, anatomy and physiology, neurology, motor-programming or endocrinology yet every single time we teach an exercise we’re working in each of these fields whether we realise it or not.
    If you had to have a degree in each of these subjects to teach a class, bootcamp or PT session then there would be zero fitness professionals on the planet.
    Likewise, if you need a certification to tell people to stop eating crap then we have a problem, don’t you think?
    What next, nutrition degrees before we cook dinner for our families? Another one if we have under 10’s or over 50’s in the same house?
    You can easily see how all of this stuff gets ridiculous, right?

    Let’s keep it simple Dax Moy


    Launching The FitWear Boutique with C2Go Member Sharon Snowdon

    Long time Choreography to Go member Sharon Snowdon has recently launched The Fitwear Boutique (  Her store sells quality yoga, Pilates and fitness clothing, including bamboo and organic cotton clothing, all of which are stylish, functional and versatile enough to wear outside the studio.  Sharon would like to offer all Choreography to Go newsletter readers a 15% discount off their first order – just enter the code C2G0711 when you get to the checkout.


    Alternative training strategies by Marvin Burton

    Personal training becomes harder when the objectives are not clear. I spent 10 years listening to 99% of clients wanting to “lose weight and tone up” but not really knowing how much weight they want to lose, what toned is or wanting to train for even 1 hour a week. This can only lead to slow progress, hardly any difference and a potentially a blame situation where it’s your entire fault…

    Here are some tips for the clients 🙂

    The people who only really want a chat, don’t take training seriously, can only give you 1 hour a week, the clients that you really hate seeing and seems like the time stands still when they arrive and the special few that you really can’t understand why they keep coming back because you have nothing in common and hardly talk at all.

    I’m sure though there is the 1% of you that loves every single client, has no problems, everybody melts fat at the sight of you and the world simply needs to praise you for your efforts to mankind. Well done you. Please tell us how you do it!

    So here goes:

    Time slot

    I had a client that trained in the morning. She only came because it fitted her work schedule. The only problem was that she didn’t get enough rest, still had late nights and as a result her adrenal fatigue and mental focus got worse. When we changed the time to evenings her training improved, she achieved more benefits. The best result though was she learned to manage her work schedule better and other factors to her life balance improved. How about trying a week of mornings followed by a week of evenings?


    What is your training facility like? Is there natural light, fresh air, lots of electrical equipment, cool enough? This might not be feasible however getting outside more often might be. Take you clients out; go to a local park or athletics track. This might be the solution to happier sessions, better for you and make a change from the sweat pit! Vary your surroundings.


    Don’t stick to the same lifting pattern. Circuits, super sets, volume training, pyramids, maximal lifts are just a few easy changes and strategies you can try. Changes are good for your body. They challenge all of the functioning systems and keep us alert and prepared.


    When did you change what you did last? Do you use the same kit with every client? Challenge yourself by using one or two things only? I often use a dumbbell and some cones. If you have lots of machinery often trainers fall into “lazy” methods of training. This is what is normally observed in health clubs when a trainer stands and counts, looks uninterested and follows the same process over and over again.


    I have a lot of friends that love circuit training. They look athletic and can perform endless endurance based activities that can only be good in a drunken argument to resolve a dispute; such as 60 seconds of press ups, Burpees, shoulder pressing 4kg for a minute, being able to run around a small aerobics studio fast without hitting anybody and cutting all of the corners. Sound familiar?

    Some of them decided that they should take up yoga and Pilates. Guess what? One session later they didn’t like it. My conclusion is that at fast pace with momentum they give a false display of fantastic core strength. When they slow down the movement they were off balance, couldn’t do many of the exercises and were inflexible. They had gone from the best and fittest in circuits to the worse in Yoga and Pilates. After a lesson in self esteem the most common excuse was that the mind body classes were “boring” I’d say – difficult/different training effects.

    For the clients you have that can run, jump, sweat and grunt, how about slowing them down. Working on the other foundations to exercises and training. This doesn’t have to be for one hour. This can be simple as doing slow sets vs. fast sets. As an exercise example it could be a lunge to balance instead of split jump lunges. This principal can be used in conditioning, circuits and boot camps

    Try something different this week that makes the session more interesting for you and your clients.

    Marvin Burton


    Aspartame – read before you drink another diet drink by Sally Ghafoor

    Beware causes – Headaches, migraines, dizziness, seizures, nausea, depression, weight gain, tachycardia, depression, rashes, anxiety attacks, fatigue………… Would you really ingest something that causes over 90 different symptoms like the above??? Yet yes we do and even worse we give it to our children too.

    A S P A R T A M E

    Guess what – Aspartame sucks. Of all the things I write about this one is top of my hate list, maybe it’s because I spent years ingesting it and feel bitter that I did not know what I was putting into my body, or maybe it’s because it has to be the biggest contributor to many illnesses or maybe it’s because I sit and watch sports stars hold up the latest sports drink which makes youngsters want to drink a drink laced with aspartame.

    Well the people who manufacture it will tell you all the above is rubbish, oh yawn … when they have someone who they haven’t paid to do the experiments, maybe then they can have something to say, but quite frankly the consumers, the people that buy it, they know as they have suffered, I know as I have suffered, that’s who you need to listen to.

    So your sat reading this, what drink have you got with you? Diet coke? Or maybe you’re just giving your rather thirsty toddler a fruit shoot, or maybe even their lunchtime yoghurt, maybe for you it’s a cup of coffee with sweetener in instead of sugar……. Read on as I hope it’s the last time you will ever ingest any of this sweet poison.

    Aspartame accounts for over 75% of adverse reactions to food additives reported to the US Food and drug administration (FDA), do you remember a couple of weeks ago I spoke about MSG being an excitotoxin, well Aspartame is also an excitotoxin. It overexcites your brain cells to the point of death, as well as this excitotoxins have also been shown to stimulate the production of free radicals.

    Aspartame is made up of the following : Aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol

    Aspartic acid and phenylalanine are amino acids found naturally in the body, however the aspartic acid within aspartame is not what is found naturally within the body, it is changed into a free form never found in nature.  So after you have guzzled down your diet drink, all hell is breaking loose within the brain, your cells are being excited to death. Phenylalanine can cross the blood brain barrier and just like aspartic acid can create an unhealthy balance when artificially increased within the brain. Phenylalanine is a contributor to mental health problems, due to its ability to cross the blood brain barrier it can cause serotonin to be decreased, this in turn can lead to depression, and if you have ever been prescribed anti-depressants you will know their job is to increase serotonin within the brain.


    Methanol is a wood alcohol poison.  When you drink aspartame, it breaks down above 85ºC amino acids and methanol.  Methanol then breaks down into formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), formic acid and Diketopiperazine (DKP) which is a brain tumour agent.

    So is this really something you or your children want to be ingesting into the body. Aspartame was given its licence to be added to our food in 1981, so that’s not that long ago, not long enough to see the true horrors it will produce, I for one won’t be gambling mine and my children’s health on it.

    One last note, if you suffer any of the symptoms I mentioned at the beginning, cut it out of your diet and wait for the change, it takes a while but you will feel so much better, I know I did.


    Have a wonderful week

    Love always

    Rachel xxx

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