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  • Instructor Newsletter 7th August 2014

    The C2GO Newsletter is out now! (1)









    I hope you are all having a great summer and here is the C2GO newsletter.

    What happens if you get sick, ill or injured by Rachel Holmes

    Exactly 2 years ago I had a nightmare experience. A banging headache behind my eyes that wouldn’t go away resulting in a swift trip to the Opticians.

    As I’ve been shortsighted all of my life and wear contacts and glasses, I know my optician pretty well; she reported a drop of 4 points in vision, she couldn’t see anything untoward but there clearly was a problem.

    By Wednesday I was back to hospital to see an eye specialist who confirmed a detached retina in my left eye and tiny holes in the right retina resulting in an operation the following day. It was that quick.

    It was a rough operation and traumatic and I woke up looking like I’ve been 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. Both eyes had been operated on and I felt battered, depressed & in pain.
    No training, No driving, No exercises, No teaching and lots of rest. The eyes need time to heal. In fact they  needed 2 – 3 month of no exercise at all, a killer for people like us.

    10 years ago I was teaching 35  classes a week and if this had happened then I would have been totally snookered, and instead of being able to rest, relax and heal I would have been beside myself with worry and stress about class cover, no income, cancelling workshops, when was I going to be able to get back to class etc etc.

    Now, I definitely don’t want to be the voice of doom. But, let this be a lesson to all of us. You just don’t know, health wise what’s around the corner. Something totally, unexpected and out of your control could stop you bang in your tracks.

    I was out of action for nearly 10 weeks.



    Creating Multiple Income Streams for Your Business

    There are so many ways you can create multiple income streams from different sources .

    This is CRUCIAL as a self employed person or one mad band. You need to get systems in place, revenue streams coming in from different areas so if one aspect of your business is affected you will still earn and profit from another stream.

    In 2014 there are a lot of options open to you.

    I bet everyone reading this all like the sound of passive income and creating additional revenue streams, but I bet not many of you have actually created it as yet?

    Everyone says they are going to do it…not many people actually pull it out of the bag.


    Check List

    Everything on this list is not an option for the self employed Fitness Professional it’s a MUST HAVE 🙂

    1: A professional website that you update and has a shop and holds your database.

    ?2:Every single customer’s contact details on a database.?

    3:Home workouts that you sell on your website to your customers or give away if you have to cancel.?

    4.A suitable cover Instructor on speed dial for every class you teach.

    ?5.A “manual” detailing the classes you teach, how you teach them, the intensity, choreography style etc to email to a potential cover instructor to prep then at the last minute.

    Simple Multiple Income Streams that All Fitpros should be creating.
    Start building a family of products TODAY.

    1:Create a DVD and sell it on your website and in class.?

    2:Create a membership section of your website for a monthly fee.?

    3:Write an ebook.?

    3.Create an audio/mp3 – relaxation/motivational/walking or running workout to sell on your website.?

    4.Create an online course aimed at your customers and specialist niche.

    I hope this gives you some food for thought and inspires you to build these simple systems right away. Don’t delay.

    Tweet me @RachelHolmes

    Are you thinking about Fitness Business Coaching with me?

    I am opening up the Fitness Business Academy for the second term on 1st September.
    Are you ready to create a passive income?

    Add your email to the FBA Newsletter list


    KS EXTREME Autumn Workshops

    We are back in the Autumn with the another set of workshops & YES we are
    heading to Edinburgh. Here are the dates and you can book on right now!





    LONDON REEBOK CLUB – 29TH NOVEMBER – 1.00 – 6.00

    To view all of the KS EXTREME Workshop content & to BOOK


    Music Hot Tips For The Week
    I have been using these mixes all week – From Pure Energy

    1: HIIT Volume 4 from Pure Energy click here

    2: Chart breakers 10 click here


    Katie Bulmer Cook Updates

    Long time no speak…I’ve been a busy old bee!

    So I thought I’d give you a heads up on what I’ve been up to!

    Well I’ve been away working for 7 weeks…but that’s top secret for now!

    Since I’ve come back I’ve started a total fresh with my business and I’m loving it!

    The big things that are really working for me right now are:

    1. Group PT. I’ve said this for donkey’s years now, but there is a real gap to be filled between 1:1 training and group fitness, and group PT does just that.

    The model I have devised offers clients all the resources, nutrition and support of PT, but brings together a group of like-minded people to train together as a group. I have a rule that you can only join if you have done PT with me before, so that clients have a sound understanding of lifts, a range of equipment and they know how I work. This enables me to create exciting and complex workouts due to their prior knowledge.

    The energy, motivation and relationships within the session are second to none, and I firmly believe that it is having ‘entry criteria’ that makes it that way.

    2. Online Programmes. I’m still loving the Facebook model, running a 7 day programme via Facebook is still extremely popular, and by latest plan, Bikini SOS, starts today! Visit if you would like an example of how I set it all out. I find that 7 day plans create the best levels of client adherence, and therefore best results and returning custom.

    3. Pre & Post Natal PT. Boy there must be something in the water at the moment. 95% of my clients are either pregnant or just had a baby- it’s crazy! Having a pre and post natal qualification and specialising in this area is a great way to help clients stay in shape and get back in shape and heal quickly post birth. It also means that you don’t lose clients during this period.

    In my business I am massively loving market research! I know some people think it’s boring but it gives a fantastic insight into what clients and prospects want.

    As fitness professionals it’s so easy to create something that WE want to do or WE THINK others want, when in fact we could be completely off the mark.

    You can conduct MR online, using sites such as but I have to say that there is no substitute for doing it in person.

    I recently held a live MR focus group and had 20 people from my typical client demographic attend in order to help me create my new big online product.

    I told them I wanted their honesty, good and bad, and they gave me it…it’s really taken my product in a new direction- much more client focused!I’d thoroughly recommend you give this a go!

    The other thing I’ve been doing lots of recently is negotiating! It is A-mazing what you can get when you ask. Why not negotiate for cheaper venue hire, printing, web design etc…what’s the worst that can happen? They say no? After all ‘shy bairns get nowt’ as they say in my neck of the woods!

    My mam watched me negotiate an IT deal recently, and I nearly had to pick her up off the floor after I did the deal…she was astounded at how much I knocked them down in price…if I can, you can!

    Finally, I was absolutely honoured to present 2 sessions at Fit Pro Live 2014 last month! What a top dollar event!
    My big takeaways from the weekend were:

    1. If you’re going to be a successful fit pro you have to also be a good sales person! Like it or not (however selling isn’t about driving a hard bargain and giving it the big sell sell sell!)

    2. Technology is leading our industry, from collecting our workout data via apps, to online shopping, having great SEO on your website, and a professional, online/social media presence.

    3. At conventions people really want content they can take away and use the next day- class members don’t want to spin, twirl etc like maybe they used to. The want to test their brain with something achievable WHILE they train their body.

    As always, I’d love to hear from you…how you found the info I’ve shared with you, what you’re up to and what’s rocking for you in your area!

    Tweet me @KatieBulmer1 or find me on FB!

    Here’s to your health & fitness!

    Katie aka KBC xxx

    Katie Bulmer-Cooke

    Tears 4 Piers

    By Andrew Crawford

    Shed a tear for Eastbourne Pier. It has gone up in smoke. Similar to the one that happened in Brighton.

    Not to mention the other Piers which have been destroyed by fire……Hastings, Southend on Sea and the Grand Pier in Weston-Super.Mare……….Can you see a pattern?

    Tears 4 Piers……..

    Does anyone know how it started yet? Don’t worry…..I’ll wait…!

    Right at the beginning of the Summer holidays… inconvenient.

    So Andrew…….

    What’s Tears 4 Piers got to do with Accountancy & Tax??

    Well …….

    Firstly I want you to cast your minds back to ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ and the famous quote……

    “..We can rebuild him, we have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster…”

    How is that possible?

    Answer: Insurance

    Call me cynical mofo but when I see vulnerable structures like this go up in smoke…I’m thinking…..”Somebody is getting paid..!!

    Everything that has gone up in smoke is covered by an invisible protection layer which enables the owner, you, to recoup funds from anything that was ‘covered’ by the specific insurance scheme.

    With the new Insurance money the Pier can be rebuilt, better & stronger with the latest technology.

    So ….What is Insurance??

    It is an arrangement by which a company or the state undertakes to provide a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a specified premium.

    It is a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality.

    There are many forms of insurance. For instance, have you got any of these?

    Body Parts

    If you undertake any sort of Professional activity have you noticed that you need insurance? We will need Professional Liability Insurance…..just in case…!!

    The Insurance companies are fat…!!

    And when you want to make a claim………….BOOM……….They send in the Loss Adjusters. Now….these Loss Adjusters are not there for you, they represent the Insurance company, So the adjustment is going to go downwards…………never upwards..!!

    Before you do this however, you have to prove your ‘Loss of Earnings’ both present, future …………and past…!!


    Get appropriate insurance for what you need.

    Ensure you keep proper records which you can retrieve.

    Watch out for the Insurers saying that you were ‘Under Insured’.

    Write off the cost of insurance against your business.

    Read the small print….yes …all of it.

    Read the policy document……Long but contains ‘hidden’ details. You will have between 14 -30 days to cancel if the insurance doesn’t fit you.

    Answer all the insurers questions in full detail

    If an insurance appears ‘cheap’, check the features being offered. Usually something critical could be missing.

    Get quotes and compare with other insures.

    Watch for automatic renewals

    Special tears go out for the horrendous goings on in the Gaza.

    I have come across some disturbing videos spread on FB of mutilated children’s bodies….One last night….oh it was sad…!!!

    What’s it all about? Why is the USA or UK not going in there as they usually do?…. Let me guess…..

    Andrew James Crawford

    Have a Great Week
    Love Rachel xxx

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