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Do You Want To Create Additional Income In Fitness?   Since launching the weekly business webinars 100’s of Fitpros have created additional revenue streams quickly and easily using my tips and strategies. In some cases, while I’m still teaching on the webinar….. You don’t need an expensive website, any equipment or software You don’t need

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FITNESS PILATES Newsletter Fitness Pilates Exercises – Small Tweaks & Simple Ideas. Click the video above to see the exercises described below. I’ve been playing around with the spiky balls and mini balls this week. I chose the exercises above in the little montage as they work well in mixed ability groups, you don’t need to do

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***Do YOU need a Step by Step Plan to launching your community classes or help to generate new leads and customers for your Classes ?**** READ ON………..   I ran the LIVE Business Brunch event last month which was brilliant, and I’ve held many LIVE business building workshops over the last 20 years but its

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