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  • Instructor Newsletter 15 December 2011

    Note from Rachel

    As we fly towards the end of 2011 it’s time to take stock, pat yourself on the back for all your achievements, be thankful and grateful that we work in an amazing industry filled with interesting and inspiring people and take a breather.

    Every Fitpro I talk to appears to be immensely looking forward to a rest from teaching ( I know I am!) and enjoy the simple things in life. The things that “normal folks” take for granted. When you work unsocial hours in the evenings/weekends and a ton of preparation, marketing, reading and learning at home time, the thought of leisurely lunches, catching up with family and friends, walking into town, going on a bike ride with kids and my personal favourite hobby of “pottering” around the house without clock watching are so appealing.

    Love our jobs and businesses as we do I’m sure most of us are counting the days now until we break for Christmas and take a break from the old routine.


    Christmas is such a brilliant time to take stock, what’s worked and what’s not, what needs to go and what needs to stay, which avenue needs to be pursued and which projects should be missed.

    Rested and rejuvenated, decisions become clearer to make, problems won’t seem like mountains anymore only minor bumps.

    We should all be very optimistic about 2012. I feel the fitness industry landscape changing again and its very very exciting!

    Surround yourself with positive role models, inspiring people both on and offline, network, follow your heart and your passion and continue building the right business and lifestyle that fits YOU, Your Life, Your Goals, Your ambitions, Your dreams. Seek out people who can help and advise YOU the way you need to be nurtured and helped.

    This week’s newsletter is such a bumper annual edition with tons of great content!

    Andrew Crawford’s extremely successful series of articles continue today with more info on Trade Marks. Claire Mockridge, who is such a knowledgeable and outstanding Pre and Post Natal Business Owner, Expert and Presenter starts the first in her new series of articles for C2GO. Tanith Lee, who specialises in Menopausal Fitness and Nutrition has written an informative piece on fitness, hormones and menopause, Cori Withell with an insightful article focussing on mental wellness and well being and Jill Gardner writes about the importance of Networking – Jill is the Milton Keynes Networking Queen” plus regular contributions from Jayne and Marv.

    Please feel free to add everyone on Twitter and feedback to us. We ALL LOVE to hear what you think and your feedback on the newsletter content.

    The Fitness Pilates VIP Club

    Launched at long last!

    This is a new membership section of Choreographytogo for anyone who has qualified in Fitness Pilates with myself, Kelly and Marv over the last 11 years. Every month you get exclusive videos, downloads, lesson plans, new logos and branding all for only £9.97 per month. To read all about the FP VIP club and join up click here

    Hot Fitness Trends 2012 Webinar

    I held a webinar last Sunday on Hot Fitness Trends and even with the X Factor Final on we clocked up almost 97 people on the call, which is brilliant. If you missed it you can watch the recording here. click here to view Hot Fitness Trends 2012webinar but I won’t be keeping it on the site for much longer so do listen up today if you can.

    I’ll be running more webinars on December and into the New Year.

    Podcast with Paul Mort

    I finally managed to pin down the motor mouth in Marbella and we recorded this fun, exciting and highly informative podcast. Paul was on top form as ever and we have some great banter and chat about future projects. Click here to listen to Paul Mort’s Podcast

    Have you got a gazillion ideas – But don’t know where to start? By Rachel

    Have you got a gazillion fitness ideas running around in your head but no idea how to get them out, organised and launched?

    Heres my Top Tips – I use this technique every day!

    1.Write all ideas down a small separate squares of paper – like playing cards.

    2.Shuffel them around on the table so you can see all of the topics in front of you.

    3.Decide which one you can finish the quickest.

    4.Decide which one will bring you the most return or make you the most money.

    5.Choose 1 idea and then work on this tirelessly until you complete it.

    6.Do not like other ideas distract you until that idea is finished and launched.

    7.Repeat the above on a daily or weekly basis.

    Workshop and Training Dates for 2012

    2 Day Fitness Pilates in Derby – 3 places here 31st March & 1st April in Derby Click here to book online

    PPL Free Bootcamp Music is back on Choreographytogo – You can now purchase all of the Bootcamp music right here on Choreographytogo

    Fitness Pilates – The Next Level with Rachel Holmes Fitness Pilates continues it’s growth as there is more demand for training and certification courses. As regular readers know ,I tour a new Fitness Pilates Updates Workshop annually from Jan to April and 2012 is going to be bigger and better than ever. I am so excited to be launching the brand new workshop for 2012The Tour is 11 dates running through most UK regions. If you would like to grab a spot you can book on Click here to book online Some venues are now sold out.

    Super Seniors2012 with Kelly Reed – Kelly has been brainstorming exciting new ideas for your Seniors classes, including a whole seated session as we know so many of you teach seated classes and are dying for new material. Check out Kelly’s workshop information click here

    Protecting Your Copyright


    Andrew Crawford ACMA

    We are going to continue the theme of Intellectual Property Rights. The theme we began to cover a few weeks ago.

    Just for those who are not familiar with this topic, Intellectual Property covers:

    · Trade Marks

    · Copyright

    · Design Rights

    · Patents

    Today, we will cover copyright.

    What is a Copyright?

    This is a form of non-registered IP which protects literary works, music, artistic work and other works from being copied.

    Just to reiterate… IDEA which is not a tangible product, such as the format of a fitness program, is not protected from being copied.

    You, as the copyright owner, has the exclusive right to do and to prevent others from doing any of the following;

    · Copying the work

    · Issuing copies of the work to the public

    · Performing or playing the works in public

    · Communication of the work in public

    · Adapting any of the above

    What can you Copyright?

    You must ensure that anything which is capable of being copyrighted is an original work….so we have

    · Literary works (books, articles, advertising, websites, brochures)

    · Musical work

    · Artistic works (logos, labels, photographs, illustrations, paintings)

    · Sound recordings

    How to Protect Your Copyright

    · The first thing I advise you to do is to always use the symbol © on your original copyrighted work along with the first year you published the work and your name. Eg © 2011 Andrew Crawford.

    · The works have to be undeniably original, with certain amounts of your skill and expertise.

    · Write it down in as much detail as you possibly can, yes, …in writing and in your own handwriting…..put dates on this.

    · Send the original to a Solicitor or better still, send it back to yourself, registered post (so that you have to sign for it) then DO NOT open it.

    · Do not tell anyone else until they have signed a Confidentiality Agreement

    · If you are getting someone else to produce your work or you are outsourcing your work, ensure that you clarify who owns the copyright. Usually you would stipulate this at the beginning or else the work belongs to them. Get an assignment of licence.

    A copy of a

    · Confidentiality Agreement

    · Copyright Assignment

    · Copyright Licence Agreement

    Is available for use here….

    What is the Period of Copyright?

    · Literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works; at the end of the period of 70 years

    · A sound recording; at the end of a period of 50 years

    · A film; at the end of 70 years

    · Broadcasts; at the end of 50 years

    · The typographical arrangement of a published edition; at the end of the period of 25 years

    There are Civil Remedies for infringement of copyrights

    · Damages

    · Account of profits

    · Anton Piller order for search of premises and seizure of evidence

    · Delivery up and destruction orders

    Visit our website at: for more FREE resources and articles.

    ‘Like’ our page at:

    Andrew Crawford can be contacted on twitter @tax4fitness or

    Jayne Nicholls

    Have you noticed how our industry has changed this year? I think this is the first time that the wheels have changed, rather than just turned. Personally I have mixed with some amazing people in order to pursue the ‘better way’ that I am constantly in search of, but I keep coming back to my grass roots of Group Exercise for true motivation. We are capable of so much and more often than not our greatest strengths are those that we overlook. So for those of you who get overwhelmed by change, here are a few ways in which you can use your current skills to your advantage:

    1. Look at your numbers – group exercise by definition is for large numbers and the more that come through the door the better. If you consider that people come to group exercise for far more than just the exercise then why deprive even 1 person of the enjoyment, all you have do is ensure that the exercise you offer in large groups is specific for them to do safely and effectively. The fee that they pay you is for a group class and that is what they should receive.
    2. Offer an alternative – for the dedicated and for those who want more of your skill offer a small group session that provides them with more attention and more detailed exercise prescription. Here you can promote results and advanced training that is worth more and should cost more. You have immediately created a more professional profile for yourself by selling your information at a greater price.
    3. Take your small group skills into new environments – corporate, special populations, schools are just a few niche environments that will benefit from advanced instruction and are willing to pay for your time and information. It is not difficult to penetrate these environments but it is completely worthwhile.
    The above 3 options are available to every instructor who simply puts in the ground work for change. The information that you present in these situations is all yours, in your head right now, at your fingertips and ready to go; all you have to do is work to your strengths and drop the typical, tired image of the group x instructor.

    Why the menopause makes you fat! by Tanith Lee

    Oestrogen is the name of a group of hormones that we produce in the ovaries
    until menopause. These hormones are oestrodial which is the strongest and the
    main source of oestrogen until menopause, oestrone which is less potent and
    oestriol which is weak and which we have in abundance particularly in
    pregnancy. Oestrogens are the essence of women. They transform girls into
    women. They help control menstruation and pregnancy. They, amongst other
    things, help regulate body temperature, help you sleep, support collegan in
    your skin, help your memory, concentration and bone density and help keeps
    your mood positive. Oestrogen also protects you from cardiovascular disease
    and assists in the production of serotonin the feel good hormone. When women
    go into the menopause the ovaries stop producing oestrogen. Now you can see
    why so many women suffer with side affect of oestrogen withdrawal!!

    So we know Estradiol is the primary source of oestrogen until menopause, then
    what happens? The body switches to Estrone as its source. Estrone is
    produced in the adrenal glands and your FAT cells. Your body will produce
    more fat cells to produce more Estrone. Your body will also protect these
    fat cells as it needs them to produce Estrone. So when you hit menopause you
    tend to gain fat. You are fighting against your bodies own physiology when
    you try to lose this fat. Your body will even break down protein tissue ie
    muscle rather than use its fat for energy.

    We need to keep and gain lean muscle tissue in menopause to keep the
    metabolism fired up. This means resistance training. We need this for three
    reasons. 1. you need to keep using up your glycogen stores in your muscles
    so when you eat you don’t lay down fat. 2. The more lean muscle you have the
    higher your metabolism will run. 3. you look better!!

    Insulin also rises when Estrone rises. Too much insulin in the system leads
    to insulin sensitivity and potentially type 2 diabetes and all the
    associated health risks. Insulin resistance means your body cannot deal with
    excess sugars in your blood (carbohydrates). The body will store the excess
    sugars as fat. The more fat you have the more Estrone you produce and so the
    cycle continues.

    Stress causes cortisol levels to rise in the body. Your body preceives any
    stress on the body as a stressor not just the ‘I feel stressed at work’
    stress. For example your body sees the reaction caused by irritants to the
    body, like processed food, as a stress. High cortisol levels will also add
    to the fat bank as high cortisol levels will affect your digestive system
    and ultimately your body will lay down more fat.

    If you are peri menopause and want to lose weight do it NOW!! Do not put if
    off because it is so much harder when you hit the menopause. It is not
    impossible to lose weight but it will be much harder. Remember that early
    menopause is much more common that it used to be. You may think you have
    lots of time but do you really know that? There are no guarantees. Even if
    weight loss isn’t a goal follow the suggestions below for you own health and

    1. You have to clean up your diet. You need to remove all processed foods,
    dairy, alcohol, sugar and wheat. This may sound extreme but you need to
    ‘re-boot’ your system. All the banned foods play havoc with your hormonal
    systems. These foods need to go for 30 days before you can systematically
    re-introduce some foods.

    2. Get to bed and asleep by 10.30pm at the latest at least 5 nights per
    week. This will help keep you cortisol levels in check.

    3. Eat plenty of red onions, garlic and cruciferous vegetable like
    broccoli. These contain Indole 3 Carbinole which are great for detoxifying.

    4. Add resistance training to your routine.

    5. Reduce the amount of carbohydrate that you eat and cycle them so you have
    higher carbs one day and low for two days etc

    6. Drink passionflower, camomile and tulsi tea in the afternoon and evenings
    to help reduce cortisol levels.

    There is no one fix for fat loss. By making these changes you will not only
    help your weight loss but you will look and feel amazing and most
    importantly you will be looking after your health.

    Please help me with my research and complete this questionnaire on
    menopause. You don’t have to have started the menopause to complete it.

    Please feel free to email me any questions on the menopause and female fat

    Tweet Tanith @tanithleefitnes

    Marvin Burton – New Year offer

    Hi everybody. Most of you know that I have recently started my residential fat loss camps in luxury country houses around the UK.
    The camp is heavily based on hormone balance, Fat testing and resistance training of varied disciplines so that you can visually see the effects that certain foods and exercises have on your body. For example: I do a rest and stress day. Based on lowering cortisol (stress hormone) classes include yoga, sauna sessions, foam rolling, massage and pool therapy. You will then eat an anti-inflammatory diet. I will fat test you with callipers before and after the day so that you can see how decreasing stress will reduce fat. I have methods for all 7 days and the slang term for the is “spot reduction”
    So if you want to come along I have an offer of 40% off until new year and for trainers: bring 5 clients and get your space FREE.
    To take advantage of this or to book have a look at my website and
    I have a facebook and twitter page for the company as well.

    During Christmas I am going to spend time with the people I don’t see for most of the year. Twitter followers of @marvinburton may last year followed the “boys bowling” event. Basically I invite all of my friends and we bowl the day before Christmas eve. Following last year’s success we have doubled in contestants and installed a Christmas jumper mandatory uniform regulation. The jumper must have been personally modified in some way and cannot be fashionable or tasteful. Watch the action unfold and see photos on my twitter or

    Make sure you spend some time having fun. In fitness we spend a lot of the time giving advice and working unsociable hours. Show people that you are also human and make time to encourage this. I normally spend the whole day talking about fitness anyway so it makes a change to the gym.
    Enjoy. Merry Christmas
    Marvin Burton

    Tweet Marv @Marvinburton

    So you want to run a successful yummy mummy buggy class? by Claire Mickridge

    Well, congratulations! That’s great news. I’m Claire Mockridge, an Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert, and I have 5 year’s experience working within this niche market. To date, I’ve worked with over 750 pregnant and postnatal women, and you too can add a successful arm to your business, just like me. I set up my first Mummies and Buggies class in 2006, and to be honest, everything just snowballed at a rather alarming rate from there. If you’re wanting a lucrative class that fills in those annoying mid-morning or early afternoon holes in your class timetable, then, follow my top 5 tips below, and you can’t fail:

    1. Get qualified – Ante and Postnatal Instruction is a specialism, so if you haven’t done your Level 3 Ante/Postnatal Instructor qualification yet, this is where you will need to start. Think about whether you want to run an indoor exercise class, or an outdoor buggy session in a nearby park. If it’s an outdoor workout you have planned, you’re best to also do a “Training in Different Environments” qualification too which covers things like risk assessments and it also gives you the basics on keeping your outdoor session interesting. If it’s an indoor class you’d prefer, you could either run it as circuit class, 20-20-20, or solely Pilates, or do a combination of all of the above. It needn’t be restrictive.
    1. Get insured – The vast majority of new mums sign up to my postnatal classes because they can bring their newborn with them. It means they don’t have to find a babysitter and/or pay additional fees to put their baby in the crèche at the gym, whilst they work out for an hour. If you want to run a class which is held with babies present, you’ll need to talk to CMC Insurance Consultants (01794 516740) about getting an additional clause on your FitPro Insurance policy for “Mothers exercising pushing babies in buggies”. This is the only Insurance Provider available in the UK that will cover you.
    1. Know your limitations – if you’re in the UK and you’re wanting to run your class where mums bring their babies with them, please be aware that mums can’t “use” their baby in the class eg they can’t hold baby whilst doing a squat/lunge, they can’t lie baby on the floor and do a press up over them, baby can’t be on mum’s chest whilst she is lying supine etc. Babies can however, come along to class in their car seat, buggy or bouncy chair, or they can have a play with their toys in a travel cot (I set my travel cot up in the back corner of each class for the older babies to sit in and they’re usually fine). YOU, the Instructor, are responsible for the safety of the babies in the room, not the mother, which to you might sound restrictive, but it really isn’t. Think about it – you’re a Postnatal Fitness Professional, providing a quality service whereby you’re getting new mums back into shape, with their babies present.
    1. Do your research – find out what’s on locally eg: when the new mums coffee mornings are in the local cafes/pubs, when the local parent and toddler groups run, what times and days the postnatal clinics are on at the Health Centre, when the local library hold their free nursery rhyme classes, what mornings the NCT Bumps and Babies groups are on, and importantly what your competition is right now. Once you have this information, you’ll then be in a better position to know what time and day your class can run. There is no point putting your buggy class on, when most of your market is too busy having a coffee, or doing an activity with their baby elsewhere. Trust me.
    1. Know your market – once you’ve done your research above, you’ll get a feel for what sorts of “baby-activities” are available, and also what activities are missing. If you don’t have children and/or you don’t know anyone locally with children, don’t let it phase you. You’ll find out about swimming lessons, baby signing, baby Yoga, baby massage, music classes, messy play activities and some downright ridiculous stuff, to be honest, but, whilst you’re there, check out how much some of these activities cost. Some swimming classes for example are £11-15 for 30 minutes. That’s right – 30 minutes for £15, and mums pay upfront for 10 swimming lessons. You do the maths there. So, don’t sell yourself cheap here. You need to just get inside the heads of your client group, find out what they read, find out where they socialise, find out what makes them tick, and market your class specifically to their needs.

    If you’d like to know more about setting up pregnant and/or postnatal class, I’ll be back next week with more hints and tips on marketing to this client group and developing a successful niche. To connect with me in the meantime, find me here:



    Join Claires new Facebook Group

    Claire Mockridge

    Jill Gardner – The Milton Keynes Networking Queen

    My TOP 3 steps on how to elevate you locally and put yourself in DEMAND but without spending a fortune!

    NETWORK! Network like nothing else. Yep! Pick all possible opportunities that match your key target audience. For instance if the majority of your classes or courses are early mornings or evenings you will probably want to attend early breakfast or evening networking meetings. If your classes are for stay at home mums then you might want to attend coffee mornings, charity events or offer to speak for free at parent and toddler meetings. Attend all the free networking opportunities you can – find and follow them on twitter, facebook and read the local papers.

    By displaying a consistent and professional representation of your brand very soon you will have the pick of lots of business to work with that will help catapult your business into the stratosphere!

    When networking DON’T turn up in your gym/workout gear even if it’s branded! Dress smart! Really smart! Show people what a professional you are. They buy into your image and how you look – they want to look and behave like you! So dress to impress! And choose a name or mission statement that will have them in awe of you. I introduce myself as The Fat Controller and it always raises an eyebrow and get’s me remembered!

    STRATEGIC ALLIANCES People that can help you increase your brand awareness. Some examples may be: hairdressers, wedding boutiques, baby shops, beauty salons, restaurants, coffee shops, local shops, car garages and services.

    Offer to promote them, offer them discounts and get them to do the same to add value to your offerings. But choose carefully – don’t just go with anyone! Offer free passes to other businesses to try and put posters/flyers in Doctors surgeries, physios, sports rehabs, and connect with other local fit pros that offer different services. Advertise their products and services in your newsletters, facebook, website and membership offerings. Think about your audience – if you are a mid to high end priced product/offering then think about the types of places your clients will eat or go to get their hair done. Business professionals are unlikely to get turned on by 10% off at the local car mechanics if they drive a brand new car. But they might love discount at the local wine merchants! When you have built your reliable and consistent brand and following then local businesses will be biting your hand off to work with you. They will soon realise the power of your message and tribe that follow you and you will have the pick of the crop! You never know you may get a call from a national company or brand loving the message you send!

    SOCIAL MEDIA never under estimate the power social networking and media. Use your social media to promote your brand AND network. Don’t use and abuse it to sell! This will turn people off. Give great content that is congruent with your brand and mission statement. Get great interaction and create trust with your followers. Be strategic and get other local businesses to follow your pages and share content. Give and take. But be patient as this takes time and constant effort. Once you have a significant following then you can approach more strategic alliances that would kill to have your following!

    Do more than everyone else and they can’t help but be anything other than impressed!

    Jill Gardner –

    Tweet Jill @itsjillgardner


    Mindful Health and Wellness with Cori Withell

    My first thoughts when I heard about Angie Dowd were complete shock and disbelief. She came across as so strong and robust as individual, I struggled to comprehend that she had taken her own life. What about Gary Speed? So shocking, so unexpected. Is it different when a man suffers depression to a woman? Is the pressure different for a man?

    The more I thought about it the more I knew I had to write about it. How many of us go through life projecting an ‘image’ to the world that is a million times apart from what we are really feeling inside? How many of us always say that we are fine when asked if we are ok when actually things are far from fine? This could be from feeling slightly frazzled to feeling like we are going to break down.

    Why do we struggle to such a degree to simply say how we feel? Why is there such a stigma in admitting that we might need a little help? The British culture seems to encourage and even perpetuate this stoic human being that is totally self sufficient and doesn’t need anyone else – ever. The ever apparent ‘stiff British upper lip’ is causing many more mental health problems than any of us realise.

    As fitness professionals how many times do we drag ourselves to class and are the life and soul of the party to all our clients when inside we feel like we are falling apart. We put such tremendous pressures on ourselves to be full of energy, positive and happy no matter what. Is it so wrong to turn round and say ‘actually I’m not having a great day’ is there really such shame in that? There will be times when the façade can hold no longer. And how many of us will beat ourselves up for days afterwards with the guilt of having let our clients down? How have we let them down exactly? We are human beings. We have feelings and emotions just like everyone else. We have lives outside our businesses, relationships breakdown, financial problems, children issues, any number of things. Just because you are a fitness professional does not make you invincible and nor should it be. I know we have an image to portray and our clients generally love our bubbly energetic positive outlook but make sure you take time out for you when and if you need it and get the support you need.

    The body and in particular the brain are wonderful pieces of ‘kit’. They will keep going and going and going until they do eventually

    hit breaking point. So, why do we not learn from this and learn to seek help from those that can help before it gets to the point

    where we cannot cope. When looking at stress and depression, it is very rare to wake up one morning and not be able to function, or to

    have a complete breakdown without warning.

    Before I had my breakdown, I had been ‘functioning and surviving’ for almost two years before my body finally said ‘no, I have had

    enough’ but when that point came I was utterly useless. Why couldn’t I have asked for help months before hand. For me, the image that I projected in the beginning was so important and precious to me that I did not want to let anyone know there was any hint of a problem. That I was not the consummate retail professional would have been unbearable for me. Looking back at it now it seems ridiculous but this is what people DO think, and it is how we DO behave.

    At some point, we have to take a long hard look at ourselves and admit that we are not perfect and that we do need help. I remember

    as a young adult and I would see lots of people who seemed to have hundreds of friends and I would be so jealous that they would have

    people to turn t whenever something went wrong. This is so inaccurate. Having spoken to dozens of people, most of us only have three or four true friends, if that. It is this close circle that we can turn to when things go wrong but many of us still don’t for fear of tarnishing our ‘perfect’ reputation.

    Stop doing it! Accept yourself for who you are, warts and all! Use your friends and family for the support when you need it. If they can’t or won’t support you then are the really the kind of people you want in your life anyway. I know how lucky I am to have the special friends I now have and they can probably pick up when I am feeling down before I can!

    It is okay to feel like everything gets too much, to have a down day, to need someone to talk to, to ask for a cuddle. There is absolutely no stigma in any of that, not in my book. The pressure we put on ourselves in this day and age is huge – don’t make the

    mistake of underestimating that, learn to give yourself a break and don’t forget the most important thing,


    Maybe you think that is rubbish, your children, your parents, your spouse are more important. Well, I beg to differ. If you do not

    look after you then who else will look after your children, your parents, your spouse? You are number one and you do deserve to be,

    you just have to start believing it.

    Make a commitment today and every day to give yourself a break, to recognise how wonderful you are, how special and incredible you are

    And reward that wonderful person every single day, take the time to ask for help when you need it and don’t feel guilty for asking.

    Remember that mental health issues can creep up on you if you do not accept them for what they are. Accept who you are and how you

    feel, get the help when ad if you need it and next week I will be looking at foods specifically for the brain and all round good

    mental health.

    Have a happy and healthy week.


    Tweet Cori @CWFitness


    I Hope you enjoyed the Newsletter.

    Love always

    Rachel xx

    Tweet me @RachelHolmes

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