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  • Instructor Newsletter 19th January 2012


    The Fitness Pilates Next Level Tour rolled on into Birmingham this week and again we had a great time. The Grids are proving a huge success and fitting perfectly into a Functional Fitness Pilates Class. This week I will be rolling up to Didsbury South Manchester for another full house. I have 3 spaces left on Saturday’s workshop if you would like to grab a last minute place Click here

    Looking at Facebook and talking to Fitpros on the workshop it really does seem like classes are booming with more people than ever trying group classes, which is fantastic news for all of us  So, in this week’s newsletter  I have written  articles on more help with your newsletter content, steps to get on the radio, plus you have great articles from my coaching and mentoring students Claire Mockridge, Alice Ramcharren, Cori Withell and Katie Bulmer So, another bumper C2Go Newsletter. Remember to comment on Twitter use #C2go.

    Kelly Reed starts the Super Seniors 2012 Tour on Saturday in Cambridge and Sunday in London with record numbers. Kelly has been working hard on coming up with new choreography and toning ideas for both standing and seated. If you would like to join Kelly click here to book on


    Music – To get £5 discount of Pure Energy Music Downloads use the code Holmes12 in the check out on Pure Energy Digital

    Win a beautiful Mia Tui Amelie Workout Bag – Pop over to my Blog and check out my Blog post on this wonderful bag and post a comment for your chance to win one Click here to see the post or use the code to get a 20% Discount


    My Incredibly Simple Steps to getting on the radio by Rachel Holmes.

    You know that  it’s essential to get as much PR for your business and classes  AND getting on the local BBC Radio is sooooo easy

    1.Go to the website find your local BBC Radio station.

    2.Define who your target market is and which show they will be listening to. ie. If it’s retired people Mid morning/Afternoon slots, if it’s commuters Early morning/Drive time.

    3.Contact the DJ and Producer of that show saying you are the local Fitness or Fatloss or Pilates or whatever you are in your area and offer to come in and do a talk on New Year’s Fitness resolutions Or, if it’s February How to lose your love handles for Valentines day. Or if it’s Spring How to look when the sun comes out! Whatever time of year it is try and tie it in with your pitch.

    4.If you don’t get a response do it again 2 weeks later – Repeat until you get a response.

    5 Local BBC are always looking for local experts to come in and talk. It’s really fun and easy to do and will generate loads of traffic to your website and you can get it recorded and put it on your own website for enhanced credibility – Total Win Win!

    What are you waiting for?? Do it right way


    My Favourite Self Development Books by Rachel

    As I’m back on tour I love to load up my ipod with audio books to listen to as I zip around the Uk’s networks.

    Here’s what I am listening to right now

    1.Seth Godin Ideas Virus

    2.Charles Poliquin Podcasts – Strategies for Fat Loss

    3. Brilliant Life – Michael Heppell (itunes audio books)

    4.Steve Jobs – (itunes audio books)


    Quick Fire Ideas for your Fitness Pilates Class by Rachel Holmes

    1. Include Tri Plane Standing Sequences – I love 32 count combinations and use FP music with a slight beat. Here’s 2 combination from Fitness Pilates The Next Level Workshop.

    Leg kicks 8 Hold posture
    2 x squats 8 Use arm floats
    Roll Down/Up 4:4  
    2 x calf raise 8 Sweep arms up to help balance

    Frontal Plane Dominant

    2 x lateral lunges 8 Add lateral arms as sequence builds
    2 x side side bends 8 Add over head arms as sequence progresses
    4 x side squats 16 Wide and  narrow squats

    2. Have a power word of the Class. Every class I choose a power word and use it throughout the class (and day) Words like Determination, Believe, Commitment, Positively Focus, Strong, Resolute,

    3. Mix in traditional Pilates Exercises with functional FP ideas, sequences and routines .

    4.Fitness Pilates music I’m using this week in class is Relaxation 10 from Pure Energy click here to download Use code Holmes12 for discount.

    5. Bring back your Resistance Bands. Portable, Cheap and  infinite ways to update your FP class. I love the resistance bands with handles for balance work, intensive core training and standing conditioning.



    Ultimate Fat Loss Tips from KSFL by Rachel Holmes

    There is SO much conflicting info around about fatloss and weightloss and, of course, we are BOMBARDED daily by the media hyping up food, products and supplements that even as Fitpros we can become confused and unsure of the right advice to give.

    It’s time to start smashing a few myths and thinking outside the box. The old skool teachings of  calories in versus calories out is just that, old skool, and we have so much more amazing research and information at our fingertips.

    On the Kick Start Fat Loss 2012 my goal has been to do just that and smash through perceptions, deep seated beliefs and take the group though a whole new fat loss journey and pathway. KSFL2012 is an experience that will really rock your nutritional and fat loss beliefs. Balancing hormones and Blood sugar levels is the key to effective fat loss and weight maintenance.

    1. Ditch Breakfast Cereals – This is the hardest myth to smash. A bowel of cereal , skimmed milk toast and margarine, coffee and banana is a common breakfast for fitpros. Even what you would deem a “good cereal” is low in protein. Eating this type of breakfast will trigger a big insulin response, elevate serotonin and you end up feeling low and sluggish and starving 2/3 hours later. Couple this with you teaching a couple of classes in between and your mind and body start to struggle. For breakfast eating protein is key, which will keep you going much longer. Eggs, meat and nuts will only give you a moderate insulin response and allow for constant blood sugar, but will fill you up and keep cravings at bay and energy levels high.

    2. Fats are NOT the enemy – By all means eliminate trans fat but ensure you take in large quantities of Omega 3 Fats. Take a good Fish oil after every meal. There are numerous studies promoting the benefits of taking a regular fish oil including Cell membrane health. Lipogenic genes are turned off, which means fat storage genes are turned off, decreased blood pressure, great stress fighter and many many more amazing benefits. I would recommend  Aliment Nutrition Omega Plus Finest Fish Oil. Take this and watch your nails grow and hair condition improve within weeks.

    3. Load up on Green Vegetables at every meal.

    4.Keep starchy carbs to post workout only and within an hour of working out.

    5.Shorten your workouts, 10 minutes is fine but make them super intense that elevate your heart rate to the max. Mix in body weight training, sprints, burpees and plyometrics.

    If you are interested in getting involved in my Kick Start Fat Loss Programme Facebook or Tweet me for the next groups start dates.



    Gluten / Dairy free alternatives? by Tanith Lee

    On all of my programs I advocate a ‘clean’ diet for at least 21 days. This means no dairy, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, caffeine and gluten. I
    understand that this is a tall order for some people, I know how it feels as I’ve been there too. Having said that, there is no way that I would go back
    to my old way of eating (lots of sugar, too much booze and boat loads of caffeine…… sound familiar?).

    I am not an angel and I do not eat 100% clean all of the time. This clean diet is the one thing that most clients really struggle with. It puts people off signing up to my programs. I wish I
    had a magic wand and I could make them experience how they would feel when they clean up their nutrition. The improved sleep, better skin, more balanced hormones and more energy.

    What do we do ? I am so passionate about cleaning up our diets and  I do not want to compromise my principles. I believe you either ‘detox’ or don’t. That’s how it works.

    I guess we could try letting the clients removing one group of foods at a time? It would be a much slower process and ultimately they would have to do the full 21 days on
    top of the staggered elimination?

    To make this work for clients and ourselves we need to find out what they are scared of? Because it has to be fear that stops them wanting to try.

    Is it fear of the unknown, fear of what others think, being able to accommodate a family, social events etc. Once we know what these fears/brakes are we can give them solutions.

    How do we find out?  We ask them!

    I have also found that some clients need much more hand holding. They need shopping lists and mealplanners. I give them as much information and support as they need to make
    the transition. If you help them nail this change, you have a very happy client who will keep coming back.

    I was talking to a women who was interested in joining my TLC Fitness Menopause group. She sent me an email  “Love the theory but know I’d be
    rubbish at the practice! Can’t follow diets for the life of me… just makes me crave the forbidden and make me rebel!! …and I hate cooking from
    scratch.  Would not stand a chance at giving up toast, hobnobs, scones, cakes and cheese, and find eating out as a fussy vegetarian limited enough as it

    Son follows dairy-free and sister-in-law gluten-free diets due to allergies, so I know what a nuisance it can be finding alternative foods
    (which often are an acquired taste).” She also said that she would love to have more energy and balance her hormones.

    Hmmmmmmm? “Life’s too short to give up XYZ” is another reason I hear.

    Surely life’s too short not to want to feel and be your very best? Again I wish I had that magic wand.

    What really interested me was the way that she and many others need to find gluten and dairy free alternatives. Most of the ‘free from’ foods are highly
    processed and full of non-nutritional foods. Forget the wheat free bread and lactose free milk etc . Get back to basics and you will start to feel
    amazing. Yes it means change, yes it means coming out of your comfort zone.

    It is only when we do those things that we experience a higher level of living.

    What do you think? What do you do with your clients?

    Have a great week
    Tanith x

    Grab a copy of Tanith brilliant Eating Clean book its £9.99

    10 Ways to Create Compelling Copy for your Fitness Newsletters by Rachel


    Sometimes you’re just flat out of ideas.

    It’s not a matter of talent — you’ve written great fitness and health stuff in the past. But lately, when you go back to the well for a fresh idea, it’s coming up dry.

    This happens to everyone —  I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have sat on a Wednesday night thinking what on Earth shall I write about for tomorrow’s newsletter.

    Yet every week the newsletter gets written and produced. I know how hard it is to continually keep coming up with newsletter content, blog posts and articles.

    AND if we want to grown an online fitness business that compliments our offline business it’s ESSENTIAL we get writing.

    So what is the secret of pulling it out of the bag week after week after week.

    Well, here are some ideas and strategies  for creating quick, interesting and awesome content.

    Borrow and ideas

    1. Create content. Find your ten favourite websites/Blogs, and then find your favourite post on each of them. Write an article listing these top ten posts, and explain why you like them. You don’t even have to think about being creative, and everyone you feature there will appreciate it.
    2. Ask friends for ideas. If you’re tapped for ideas, then reach out to your friends and colleagues, and ask them what they’d like you to write about. You can do this with offline friends, or ask your friends and followers on Facebook. I do this nearly every week!
    3. Ask your audience. You can kick the last strategy up a notch by reaching out to your audience using social media. This can be done in several ways — it can be as simple as running a “what would you like me to write about” post (which is a bit rubbish), or it can get more interesting by asking for their input on a problem,  or by asking a question so that you can compile their answers into another piece of content.
    4. Do an interview. Write down 5 Questions and email it to 10 different people. It could be anything on fatloss, fitness, wellness, health or whatever your niche is, and your readers will be interested in.
    5. Solicit guest posts. This is a great source of content, and it’s easier than most people think.  Think whose content you really like, and invite them to write a guest post for you. They’ll be flattered, and happy to get exposure to your audience. They’ll work hard to bring their A game, and not only will you get a great post, but they’ll happily tell their contacts about it, and bring you a few new readers in the process.
    6. Network with other Fitpros and swap articles.
    7. Use a celebrity. This is a blanket category for any kind of icon that your audience would recognise. You will see below Jayne has tied in Jane Fonda to her article.
    8. Find out what’s trending. While we’re on the topic of celebrity, take some time to see what else is currently trending. Visit, click on the “More Hot Searches” link, and pick something from the list or see who and what is trending on Twitter. See if you can write something around whatever is hot that day.
    9. Use Facebook – Make sure you are friends with loads of Fitpros on Facebook and see what everyone is talking about and commenting on. I get SO much inspiration from Facebook and reading what everyone is chatting about Fitness wise
    10. 10. Rehash an old article – Update an article you have written previously.

    Bonus– Write when you do have ideas

    You can fall back on these strategies when you’re fresh out of ideas and don’t feel like writing, and with a bit of discipline you’ll be able to create a solid blogposts and newsletter articles.

    But that doesn’t make it easy.

    The reality is that when you’re feeling uninspired, it isn’t the best time for you to do your writing. That’s why the last strategy is to do the writing when you are feeling inspired.

    Write a handful of articles and keep them in an “emergency posts” folder, to run when you absolutely don’t feel like writing.

    And, of course, you can use any of the ideas described in this post as a starter for filling up that folder. So go to it — start writing! But first, join the discussion …

    Which of these methods has worked for you? Which one do you plan on trying first? Leave a comment below or Tweet me on @RachelHolmes



    A Verbal Contract Is Not Worth The Paper

    It Is Written On            by Andrew Crawford


    From time to time I receive emails relating to whether people are employed or self employed, if they sign a contract with one of the major health clubs.

    Well……I had a conversation this very week with a Fitness Professional which lasted from Nottingham to Manchester!!!

    The caller wanted to know some crucial information relating to contracts and the fact that some companies and individuals they had worked for were not paying what was due to them, even though the caller had completed all the classes and sessions months ago…!!!

    Does that get you angry?

    Do health clubs or other individuals owe you money?

    Easy tiger……..

    In addition, they said that lately there has been some dodgy contracts which some companies wanted Fitness Professionals to sign, which did NOT benefit them at all but was heavily weighted in favour of the health club.

    Is this true??

    This got me thinking about all the times I advised people on signing or not signing a contract and the meaning of what is stated within those contracts.

    Let me state here and now…  I have studied essential English Law for 4 years as part of my qualifications but I am not a Solicitor, I am not Barrister…..however, it is my duty as a Tax Adviser to tell you about the tax implications of contracts that you enter into.


    Without even knowing it, contracts are formed almost every day. Buying equipment, paying for a ride on the bus or train, taking your other half to the cinema.

    Contracts are also performed every day at work.

    Fitness Professionals contract to provide services to their clients.

    So, why is this important to you? And the conversation I had this week?

    Nature of a Contract

    A contract should be an agreement between two parties which is intended to give rise to legal relations. The essence therefore, is that there has to be some offer and acceptance

    The essential elements of a contract

    The essential elements of a contract are:

    ·       The parties intend to create legal relations, and

    ·       There is an agreement between the parties signified by an offer and acceptance, and

    ·       The agreement is supported by consideration, or is created in the form of a deed.


    You will hear these terms being bantered around. This is what they mean.

    An Offeror – Makes the offer

    An Offeree – One who may choose to accept the offer.



    Agreement, known as ‘offer and acceptance’  is ESSENTIAL.

    It is therefore necessary to identify the point at which the ‘offeree’ agrees to accept the offer made by the ‘offeror’

    Contrary to what I believed years ago, most contracts do not have to be in writing though for some types there must be evidence in writing of the contract’s terms.

    It is assumed by each party to a contract that there is an exchange of consideration.

    Consideration is something of value the ‘price of the promise’. Your fees.

    A deed is a written document which is signed. It must be clear from the wording that it is intended to take effect as a deed. This must be witnessed by a third party.

    Terminating an offer

    An offer may only be accepted by the offeree while the offer is still open. An offer is terminated and can no longer be accepted in the following circumstances:

    ·       Rejection

    ·       Counter Offer

    ·       Revocation

    ·       Lapse of time

    ·       Failure of condition precedent

    ·       Death

    Accepting an offer

    Any words or actions signifying the offeree’s consent to the terms proposed by the offeror constitutes acceptance.

    Acceptance must be communicated to the offeror and is not effective until this has been done. Passive action is not acceptance.

    Most importantly, a contract or agreement must be completed or performed in the manner required by its nature or terms.

    Breach of contract

    If one party commits a breach of contract the innocent party may usually elect to treat the contract as at an end.

    Remedies for Breach of contract

    The common law remedy is damages. This puts the injured party into the position they would have been if the contract had been properly performed.

    So, if you lost money from a breach of contact then the damages awarded to you would be the amount you had lost.


    If you are buying or leasing a property for your fitness business it is vital that you are aware of your legal rights and obligations.

    It is of great importance that you are aware of all rights and obligations that are required to be adhered to before completing the matter.

    You should seek independent legal advice at all times.


    So….summing up

    Contract of Service – You will be an EMPLOYEE

    Provided  by the employer.  Stipulates, job title, pay, terms and conditions, holiday pay, etc . You sign this.

    Contract for Services – You will be SELF-EMPLOYED

    You the Fitness Professional stipulate and agree your terms of service. Your rate of pay.  Someone else signs your contract. You both have a copy of the agreed terms. You can find a copy you can use here under ‘Status’…….


    Do not sign any paperwork   until you have read , understood and accepted all the terms within that contract. If you disagree with any points in the terms of a contract and make a counter offer, the original offer is terminated.

    Consider giving the health club or individual your ‘Contract For Services’ which stipulates your terms of service.

    If a contract is not signed……..there is no agreement.

    Be careful what you sign.


    Fitness Industry Accountants have teamed up with a firm of Solicitors to form ‘Fitness Industry Solicitors’.

    On behalf of the Fitness Industry, we will deal with:

    ·       Sports Law

    ·       Contracts

    ·       Litigation

    ·       Commercial & Residential Property (Conveyancing)

    ·       Company Law

    ·       Wills & Probate




    Andrew Crawford

    Ps Don’t forget those ‘LATE’ Tax Returns….Need help? Contact me quickly…!! x

    Visit our website at: for more FREE resources and articles.

    ‘Like’ our page at:

    Andrew Crawford can be contacted on twitter @tax4fitness or



    How Is Your 2012 Going? by Katie BulmerI absolutely love the January buzz!

    The fire in everyone’s belly to achieve great things…to have this be THE best year ever!

    We see so many of our friends, family and clients come alive with passion and a ‘can do’ attitude at the start of a new year…but isn’t it such a shame that often their fire fizzles out and this new year just ends up like the last when it comes to them achieving their weight loss goals!

    So what can we, as trainers, do to help keep their fire stoked and make sure they make this the year that they reclaim their health, fitness and get their body back?

    On Monday night I held a free seminar, and invited along all my clients, ex clients, friends and family.

    I marketed it all through a Facebook event, to my mailing list and texts.

    The title of the seminar was ‘Why You New Year’s Resolution To Lose Weight Won’t Work’.

    I had a fantastic 84 people attend and I shared with them the common mistakes people make when it comes to their NYR; poor goal setting, lack of accountability and lack of information on how to do it. I also shared with them my basic nutrition principles that I use with my clients, as well as my top training tips for really busy women.

    Now, I could have let them go home with this info, and hope that they put it into action, but I really wanted every single person to grab it with both hands and get some great results this year, so I did a little exercise with them that I first learnt from a good friend of mine and fantastic coach, Matt Somers.

    Each attendee got a piece of paper with a series of questions, an envelope and a pen, and together as a group I guided them through answering the questions….

    1. By Monday 13th February 2012, I WILL be…

    2. The cost of achieving my goal is…

    3. How will I feel WHEN I achieve it…

    4. How will I feel if I DON’T achieve it…

    5. I WILL take action now by…

    6. I have made myself accountable to…

    I then got them to pop the paper in the envelope, seal it and write their name and address on the front, then I collected them all in.

    In doing this they have made themselves instantly accountable to themselves, me and the person they cited in question 5.

    I’ll be posting this out to them, so that it hits their letter box on 13th February. This will give them real incentive not to give up on their goal!

    I wanted to share this exercise with you as I’ve used it loads, it really works and can work in my situations, not just as part of a seminar/presentation.

    You could use it on the first session of the course at your boot camp or weight loss group, with 1:1 clients, in small group PT; it’s really versatile.

    I hope you like the idea and find it useful.

    Have a smashing day,


    Please follow me on Twitter: katiebulmer1

    p.s. seminars are also a great way to increase your expert status and generate sales…my DVDs were like hot cakes J


    Advantages of working with a niche client group

    Claire Mockridge – Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert


    Hello everyone.  I hope you’ve had a great start to 2012.  If you’re anything like me, the New Year brings along new opportunities.  I like January because it really gets me thinking about the year ahead and what I want to achieve over the next 12 months.  It sounds corny, I know, but I like to set myself clear goals, and it’s only failure to plan, that doesn’t allow us to achieve them.


    As you’ll know from the Podcast I did with Rachel last week (here’s the link if you missed it – ), I qualified to teach Ante/Postnatal women around 5 years ago.  You might be shocked to hear that I actually teach more pre/postnatal classes, than anything else on my timetable.  I have 3 postnatal classes and 3 pregnancy sessions, AND, I only work Monday-Wednesday.  So, Thursday-Sunday are spent working on other projects and/or having some “me” time.


    Now I won’t say it’s completely plain sailing working with a niche client group, but here are a few advantages of working with a specialist population which I hope will interest you, if you’re considering teaching pre/postnatal:

    • You’re a specialist: You’re really SPECIALISING within your chosen client group and you gain specific experience, knowledge and respect instantly by choosing to do this.


    • You’re in charge: No, really you are.  When you specialise, you get to call the shots on how you run your business, because you’re working with a niche market.  You can take your classes when, where and however you want.  I tend to run my classes in courses/terms of 10-12 weeks (but they’re my terms, not necessarily the “school” terms), and then I take 2 weeks leave.  In fact, I take 10-12 weeks leave every year.


    • You get instant referrals: If you’re working with a niche market, chances are, those that are attending your classes may have friends who could attend your classes, so your advertising costs are cut straight away.


    • Clients will pay upfront and accept your T’s and C’s: When you work with a niche population, you can operate a pay upfront system without batting an eyelid, again because you are one of the only people working in this field in your area, which is great for cash flow.  Don’t EVER undersell yourself when you specialise; perhaps provide your clients with a little bit of flexibility to entice them in; but, always, always, make sure you have a strict cancellation policy.


    • You become a “go-to” person: When you work with a specific set of clients, you start to learn ALL there is to know about this subject area, whether you want to or not, and you’ll find clients will start to ask you questions about everything pregnancy, baby and mummy-related, for example.  So, you start to find out about all of the local activities for pregnant women, and all of the services that new mums and babies access too.  I have no immediate plans to have children myself, but I know a hell of a lot about anything pregnancy and baby-related, so if you’re thinking of specialising in a client group and you have NO knowledge of the area now, don’t let it deter you.  I did it and still continue to educate myself about pregnancy, birth, postnatal recoveries and babies!


    • You take business away from your competition: Believe it or not, I actually take business away from private gyms and leisure centres locally.  These businesses don’t offer ANY pregnancy-related fitness classes for expectant women and very few postnatal classes.  You’d be surprised to learn that to place your baby in a creche costs between £4-£5.50 per hour, so this is an additional hidden cost for new mums.  My classes are practical, social, fun and very cost-effective and many of my clients actually cancel their gym memberships either during pregnancy or once they’ve had their baby, because my sessions offer them something that the big boys don’t.


    If you have any questions about working with Ante/Postnatal clients, why not connect with me here:

    Private Facebook Group for FitPros who either a) want to get qualified to teach pre/postnatal or, b) are already qualified, but want hints and tips on making their business more successful:!/groups/clairemockridge/






    Jayne Nicholls


    As Jane Fonda’s words echo in my ears, I am wondering if we are entering back into an era of hard and fast workouts. The popularity of bootcamps with early mornings and outdoor conditions all year round has certainly sorted out the men from the boys and the hardcore from the holidayers AND as I endure day 7 (currently) of Paul Mort’s GLP in a quest to achieve my ideal fat ratio AND get more and more determined by the day, I am wondering whether we have all been taking a long term vacation over the past few years where we ‘talk the talk’ but do not necessarily ‘walk the walk’, we have been very busy gathering information that we must now begin to put in place. Personally I have always favoured a hard and fast approach and that does not diminish as I get older (so fast in fact I had a client feint in my senior session last week, which I must say is always soul destroying! ). I have mentioned before that fear of injury holds back many instructors to prescribe less than optimum or modified exercise which rightly or wrongly does not produce a training effect nor a training result. January is a great time to monitor and gauge both the efficacy of our product and our clients reactions to what we are doing and I am convinced that the people who are coming to class right now want value for money and the results that they desire. With this in mind, I have also always said that the Group X mood reflects that of society and we also seem to be going into a NO PAIN NO GAIN lifestyle perspective. The softly, softly approach generically has not worked, giving people the credit, the means and the information then expecting them to reward their selves with a positive result has not worked out. You and I are in the perfect position to take control and organise health and fitness benefits for anyone who wants it, which is why our industry is on the up turn.

    Let us know what you think: #nopainnogain TWEET NOW


    Is this you? Cori Withell

    There is lots of talk about trainers practising what they preach and if they don’t then they shouldn’t be training blah blah blah.  While I agree with I in essence I think there is too strong an emphasis on the physical side of the situation.  When I read the posts about the above it is all about being in the best shape, being in peak condition, eating clean all the time.  Is this realistic?  Is this the most important thing?

    I think not.

    Yes, being in physically good shape is important but so is good health, so is good emotional health and I really don’t think, as an industry, we look after ourselves well enough in this area.  A lot of us are self employed and rely heavily on the money we bring in.  Most of us work a crazy amount of hours, every waking hour for some of you I have no doubt.  How long do you intend to carry on?  When are you going to listen to your body and take a break.

    You see, I think  emotional well being is just as important, if not more important, than physical health.  You can only keep going at 100mph for so long before you hit burn out.   Before you start getting the irritating cough, then the sore throat, then the chest infection, one thing after another after another after another- UNTIL – you listen to your body and take a break.

    Yes, having a successful business is very important but to the expense of our health?  Surely not?

    If you don’t look after you then who will look after your business anyway?

    Many of us work as many hours as we can, often teaching high energy and exhausting classes and then we go off and do our own training to challenge our own bodies.  When do we actually take time out for us?

    Yet, how many of us, tell our clients how important it is to look after themselves, keep the stressors low and take out ‘me’ time.  We suggest manicures, facials, massages, lunch with friends.  How many of you actually do that on a weekly basis?

    We encourage deep breathing, switching off for a few minutes every day, taking time to eat our meals, to chew our food and actually enjoy it but a lot of us seem to do everything on the go.

    Does this makes us hypocrites?

    Again, I don’t think so – I just think we have a priorities a bit screwed up and we need to start taking better care of ourselves so ultimately we can take better care of our clients, demonstrate a better example and something to them to aim for.  It doesn’t mean you have to neglect your business, you may need to do a bit more planning and organising but ultimately the results will be worth it.

    A handy thing to remember, you may want to take care of everyone else


    If you don’t take care of you, then you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.

    Follow me on Facebook and Twitter

    Go relax 🙂

    To your health and happiness x

    Cori x

    If you would like to join Cori’s00 Mindful Health and Wellness Coaching Programme please go to



    Baby Bump and Running a Fitness Business … do they mix? By Alice Ramcharran, Pyramid Health & Fitness Ltd and Buckinghamshire Bootcamp

    As we all know, being at your physical peak is an important part of being a Fitpro. Clients are much more likely to believe a fitness programme works if they are being taught by someone who looks fit and toned and who actively takes part in the training.

    So… what changes do you need to make when you find out you are pregnant? In our industry, more than almost any other, making the decision to have a baby has far reaching implications. If you are sitting in an office every day, being pregnant doesn’t have much of an impact on your ability to carry out your job, or at least not until the much later stages, but for Fitpros, it can have an effect from the very beginning.

    This is something I am experiencing at the moment, having just passed the 28 week mark and with just 12 weeks to go until baby number one arrives on the scene! If I was only going to share one piece of advice, it would be to plan, plan and plan again. As the saying goes, “You can NEVER be too organised”, and at this point in time that will certainly ring true.  One of the great things about pregnancy is that you have about nine months to prepare and I think it is fair to say that you will probably need all this time to get your business ready for your new arrival.

    It is only natural to want to carry on and do as much as you physically can, letting go can be a very difficult thing for a Fitpro, especially if you have built your business up over many years and the relationships are very personal to you. Realistically though, you are going to need to start outsourcing things. You can start with finding someone to do your admin, someone to take over your marketing and a trusted accountant to look after the finances. Then it’s time to really focus on building up a network of instructors who can take over your classes and keep things going for you. The sooner you find these instructors, the easier it is to train them up, not only in how you like the classes to be run but also in the culture and ethos of the company. As much as clients come to you because they want to get fit, they stay because they like you and they like your company.

    I have tried to put a plan in place for every eventuality, so far I’ve been lucky (touch wood) and my pregnancy has been relatively easy so I have been able to carry on with my Fitness Pilates, Boxercise, Body Blitz and Bootcamp classes without too much difficulty. However, you just don’t know how things are going to progress so I’ve arranged cover; I’ve got plans, emergency plans and even emergency, emergency plans … just in case! My class schedules have been set out for the whole year and I’ve been careful not to impose any deadlines on anything. The plan is there … it doesn’t have a start date or a finish date … but it’s there, ready and waiting.

    I know it is different for every pregnant woman and another piece of advice would be to try and take it easy. You know your body; as Fitpros we probably know our bodies better than most, so you will know what you can and can’t do. Also as Fitpros, we are probably more likely to push ourselves and perhaps not listen to what our bodies are telling us. I believe it is very important to take advice, schedule in rest breaks and admit that you can’t do everything! It’s hard, but it’s worth doing.

    It’s important to take time off to have the baby and also to recover afterwards. This is why I haven’t set any finish dates on anything. In an ideal world, my baby is going to be textbook and eat and sleep when I want him/her to… but I know this ‘might’ not happen. So I’ve been sure to arrange enough cover to give myself and the baby time to get into a good routine as well as for my body to recover from the birth. I think it is important to still keep a hand in the running of the business, but I realise that things might take longer than I expect to return to normal. I’m going to try to stay away and let other people get on with their jobs running my business … but I can’t promise that I won’t be doing my bit, in between feeds and sleep deprivation permitting.

    I’m also going to be adapting classes and adding new classes to the timetable for when I do head back, so that I can involve the baby in some of the classes, rather than having to put in nursery all of the time.  If any of you have had a baby and been running your own business, I’d love to hear your experiences so please feel free to email me on

    Alice Ramcharran

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    Have a great day


    Love Rachel xxx


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